How many Blue Man Group members are there?

How many Blue Men are there total? There are four Blue Men in the touring cast and, in domestic cities such as Las Vegas or Chicago, about six performers in each cast. In the U.S. there are about 35 of us. It’s interesting because people tell us, “Oh, you’re famous!” Really, the character is famous.

How does Blue Man Group get blue?

Who is behind the Blue Man Group?

Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, and Chris Wink are founders of Blue Man Group, an experimental performance art ensemble. On 9/11, all three were in Manhattan–Stanton and Wink at home, Goldman running an errand–when the World Trade Center was attacked.

What race is the Blue Man Group?

The most common ethnicity at Blue Man Group is White (62%). 16% of Blue Man Group employees are Hispanic or Latino. 11% of Blue Man Group employees are Black or African American. The average employee at Blue Man Group makes $36,430 per year.

Blue Man Group Employee Age Breakdown.

Employees Age Percentages
40+ years 12%

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Is there a dress code for Blue Man Group?

Q:Is there a dress code for the Blue Man Group show? A:There is no specific dress code for the show, though casual, comfortable clothing is recommended.

Is there a girl in the Blue Man Group?

The School of Music congratulates percussionist Mackenna Tolfa (BMus Performance, percussion) who will join the upcoming Blue Man Group World Tour as the role of the DJ, a new featured female drummer for the tour that starts in March 2022.

Where are the Blue Man Group from?

Group formed in New York, NY, 1987; discovered by off-Broadway theater producers at a performance art festival at Lincoln Center, c. Blue Man Group grew out of a collaboration of three close friends, Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 1987.

Is the Blue Man Group mute?

While the blue men are mute throughout the performance, audience members will be able to decipher a specific role that each blue man plays, which, funny enough, was created to reflect the founders’ personalities.

Where is the blue man From?

Paul Karason (November 14, 1950 – September 23, 2013) was an American from Bellingham, Washington whose skin turned a purple-blue color over a period of about a decade. Bellingham, Washington, U.S. Washington, U.S. In 2008, Karason first gained prominence after appearing on Today.

Why does the Blue Man Group not talk?

One of the key characteristics of the three Blue Man Group performers is verbal silence. Russell Rinker, a 10-year veteran of the performance-art group and one of the three Blue Men on the current theatrical tour, said group members are often asked why they don’t speak, and the answer is simple: they don’t have to.

How wet do you get at Blue Man Group?

During the Blue Man Group performance, materials sometimes splatter off of the stage. We call this “The poncho section,” because we provide disposable plastic ponchos for audience members to wear if they prefer. You will not get “wet,” but you may be splashed with materials.

Does the Blue Man Group get paint on the audience?

If you are lucky enough to sit in the first few rows, you will be given a poncho to put on over your clothes—neon-colored paint flies everywhere! Since the Blue Men don’t speak, there were a few times when reading was required.