How many brothers does Angela Aguilar have?

Ángela Aguilar
Years active 2012–present
Parent Pepe Aguilar (father)
Family Leonardo Aguilar (brother) Antonio Aguilar (grandfather) Flor Silvestre (grandmother) Majo Aguilar (cousin)
Musical career

When was Angela Aguilar born?

October 8, 2003 (age 19 years)
Ángela Aguilar / Date of birth

Is Pepe Aguilar married?

Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá
Pepe Aguilar / Spouse (m. 1997)

Who is Angela Aguilar related to?

Angela Aguilar proudly embraces her family’s musical legacy. Her grandfather was the iconic Antonio Aguilar, the late Mexican singer. Her grandmother is the legendary singer/actress Flor Silvestre and her father is the multiple Grammywinning Pepe Aguilar. At 15, Angela is a 2019 Grammy nominee.

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Who is Ángela Aguilar biological mother?

Ángela Aguilar was born to Pepe Aguilar and Aneliz Álvarez-Alcala in Los Angeles, California on October 8, 2003, while her father was on tour.

Where is Aneliz Aguilar Alvarez from?

McAllen, TX
Aneliz Aguilar / Place of birth

Who married Pepe Aguilar?

Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá
Pepe Aguilar / Spouse (m. 1997)

Who was Pepe Aguilar first wife?

Carmen Trevino

Is Aneliz Aguilar a singer?

She loves to sing. There are several Aneliz singing videos on Youtube and on her Instagram. Apart from singing, she loves to cook, travel, dive and do gymnastics.

Does Ángela Aguilar have siblings?

Ángela Aguilar/Siblings

Who is Ángela Aguilar brother?

Ángela Aguilar/Brothers

Who is Majo Aguilar parents?

María José “Majo” Aguilar is a member of the Aguilar family, also known as “the Aguilar dynasty.” She is the daughter of singer and actor Antonio Aguilar, hijo, and a granddaughter of singers Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, two stars of Mexico’s Golden Age of Mexican cinema.