How many children does Cline have?

Donald Cline inseminated dozens of women with his own sperm without their knowledge or consent during the 1970s and 1980s. He had an estimated 94 children.

How many kids did Our Father have?

In the final moments of the documentary, it’s revealed that as of production on “Our Father,” Cline is known to have fathered at least 94 children from his insemination practices — and that that number is most likely not final.

Is Our Father a true story?

Unfortunately, Our Father is very much based on a true story. The film is a documentary that centers on Jacoba Ballard, one of Cline’s children.

Did Donald Cline lose his license?

After pleading guilty, he received a year of probation, paid a $500 fine, and lost his medical license (though he had retired in 2009), per The Atlantic (opens in new tab). According to Fox59, Cline has paid over $1.3 million in settlements to his victims and their families.

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How many Cline siblings are there now 2022?

At the end, it’s revealed that there are at least 94 Cline siblings.

What is the story behind Our Father?

Our Father, a new documentary streaming on Netflix, shares the terrifying story of a fertility doctor impregnating women with his sperm without their consent. As the many offspring of Dr. Donald Cline find out about their long-lost siblings, the unnerving truth spills out more and more along the way.

What’s Our Father based on?

Netflix’s Our Father Tells The True Story of a Fertility Doctor Who Used His Own Sperm on Patients. During the 1970s and ’80s, a fertility specialist in Indiana named Dr. Donald Cline inseminated dozens of patients with his own sperm, without their knowledge or consent.

Who is Our Father documentary based on?

Its story follows former Indianapolis based fertility doctor Donald Cline, who, in a case of fertility fraud, used his own sperm to impregnate dozens of unsuspecting patients. The film was released on May 11, 2022. The film was watched for 42.60 million hours between May 8, 2022, and May 29, 2022, globally.

Is Our Father accurate?

Our Father is largely accurate in the retelling of this harrowing true story and retains many of the essential details, but it doesn’t include everything. Here are the facts the documentary leaves out from the story of Dr. Donald Cline and his donor children.

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