How many children does Sarah Power have?

She has been married to Peter Mooney since July 1, 2017. They have one child.

Who is Sarah Power married to?

Peter Mooney
Sarah Power / Spouse (m. 2017)

Peter Mooney is a Canadian actor, known for his role as Officer Nick Collins on the police drama series Rookie Blue and for playing Sir Kay on the historical fantasy series Camelot.


Where is Sarah power now?

Power is a Newfoundland native, who now lives outside of Toronto with her actor/writer husband Peter Mooney and their daughter.

What did Sarah Power play in?

Sarah Power/Appears in

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Do Abigail and Donovan get married?

Abigail is certain of her love for Donovan. Those feelings will not change, even if she no longer has her gifts. Donovan is glad to hear it and shares he has booked them on a flight to Tuscany the day after tomorrow, where they will be married by a priest.

How old is Abigail from Good Witch?

Abigail is a striking and beautiful young woman in her twenties to early thirties. During the events of “The Good Witch’s Family” through the “The Good Witch’s Wonder”, Abigail had straightened, jet black hair and dark features. She had dark eyebrows, a tall yet slim physique, and fashionable dark clothing.

Who did Sarah power play in Schitt’s Creek?

Sarah Power (born June 29, 1985) is a Canadian actress who portrays Tennessee on Schitt’s Creek.

Was Sarah Power in Schitts Creek?

Schitt’s Creek (TV Series 2015–2020) – Sarah Power as Tennessee – IMDb.

Is Good Witch coming back in 2022?

Coming Soon: “Good Witch” set to return in 2023.

Where is the town in Good Witch?

Middleton filming locations are based in Hamilton and Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada. Grey House is Foxbar House in Dundas, Ontario. According to a map on the wall in the police station, Middleton is located north-west of Chicago, around DuPage County.

Is the inside of GREY house on Good Witch real?

The show does not film inside the home anymore — the interior has been recreated in a Toronto studio — but Heersink is accommodating to the fans and lets them come inside.

Is Bell Book and Candle a real store?

Bell, Book and Candle (shop), a fictional shop in Good Witch (TV series)