How many kids did Mel Thompson have?

She recounted how she was sure that she never wanted kids. But post the birth of her two daughters and two sons, she would never trade places with anyone else. Mel Thompson’s post read: “I’m so grateful to have such amazing kids and an amazing family.

Who is Mel Thompson husband?

Puffin Thompson is the husband of the popular YouTuber Mel Thompson. His Instagram bio reads: “Father, husband, mechanic, motorcycle rider.

How old is Mel Thompson?

Makeup artist and YouTuber Mel Thompson has died at the age of 35. Her husband, Puffin, took to her Instagram account on Monday to announce that the social media star had passed away over the weekend.

Where is Mel Thompson from?

Richmond, Indiana

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Did Kevin Samuels pass away?

Kevin Samuels / Date of death

Who is Mel on Yellowstone?

Olmstead worked behind the scenes of Yellowstone, as filming crew and transporter for production teams. She died at the age of 50 and had worked in the world of Hollywood film and TV since the year 2000. Olmstead is best known for her work on Yellowstone, for which she was the transportation and location lead.

Who AJ Crimson?

Crimson was the founder of makeup brand AJ Crimson Beauty and his clients included Fergie, Hilary Duff and Regina King. No cause of death was given. “AJ Crimson was a makeup industry leader that set a standard of beauty that was elevated, beautiful, and accessible to people of all color.

What did AJ Crimson died of?

Crimson’s family confirmed his death on March 30 to WWD. A spokesperson for AJ Crimson Beauty confirmed he drowned while on vacation in Bonaire while snorkeling. He was 27. “AJ Crimson was a makeup industry leader that set a standard of beauty that was elevated, beautiful and accessible to people of all colors.

What caused AJ Crimson’s death?

Aj Crimson Death: Prominent Celebrity MakeUp Artist, Aj Crimson dies unexpectedly after drowning while on vacation in Aruba | Obituary News.

What happened to make up artist AJ Crimson?

AJ Crimson, the famed entrepreneur and self-taught celebrity makeup artist known for pioneering inclusion in the beauty industry, died on Wednesday, March 30. A representative for the CEO of AJ Crimson Beauty confirmed his death in a statement to PEOPLE on Thursday.

What happened to AJ Crimson TMZ?

The founder and CEO of AJ Crimson Beauty, AJ Crimson, has passed away recently. The make-up artist’s death was reported widely on the internet. Crimson was well-known for his extraordinary talent as well as his abilities as a makeup artist. Everyone adored him, and they are all in mourning over his passing.

How old is AJ Crimson?

Celebrity makeup artist and beauty mogul AJ Crimson died on March 30 at the age of 27, his family said in a statement to E! News.