How many kids does Angel Brinks have?

She shares her first child, Azari, with her late ex-husband who ended his life while she was nine months pregnant. Angel also shares her second child with an NBA player named Tyreke Evans.

How old is Angel brink?

40 years (October 19, 1982)
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How old is angel from Basketball Wives?

She was born on October 19, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. Right from her childhood days, she had a passion for design. The 39-year-old studied Fashion Design and Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandise and she completed her degree in fashion design.

How many kids does RoccStar have?

How many children does RoccStar have? RoccStar has one son with Angel. In November 2021 he posted: “”Thank you @angelbrinks for bringing into the world the greatest gift ever!

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What is RoccStar real name?

Leon “Roccstar” Youngblood Jr. is an American music producer, songwriter, recording artist and rapper. Youngblood has written and produced songs for artists such as Chris Brown, Post Malone, Usher, Rita Ora, Fergie, Prince Royce, Kendrick Lamar, J. Lo, and Melissa Etheridge.

Where is RoccStar from?

Los Angeles, California, United States
RoccStar / Place of birth

How old is RoccStar?

32 years (October 31, 1989)
RoccStar / Age

Who did RoccStar date?

RoccStar joins the supporting cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in season five, which chronicles his rivalry with A1. During the season, he adds fuel to the fire by implying he has been having an affair with Lyrica.

How old is RoccStar from Love and Hip Hop?

RoccStar, 32, shared a photo of his masked girlfriend cradling their newborn child in her hospital bed shortly after giving birth.

Is Angel still with Rockstar?

Angel Brinks and her boyfriend, ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ star RoccStar, welcomed their son in November 2021. Oh, baby! On Oct. 19, 2021, Angel took to Instagram to not only celebrate her birthday, but share that she was expecting her third child.

What is Rockstar net worth?

Real Time Net Worth

Russ Weiner founded energy drink company Rockstar in 2001. Weiner sold Rockstar to PepsiCo in 2020, in a deal worth more than $4 billion.

What does Angel Brinks do?

October 19, 2022. Angel Brinks, born October 19, 1982, is a “Basketball Wives L.A.” reality television star who also works as a fashion designer. Leggings, bodysuits, dresses, lingerie, rompers, jeans, and jackets are all part of her self-titled fashion collection. Her Instagram account has millions of followers.