How many NFL teams did Randall Cobb play for?

He played college football at Kentucky, and was selected by the Packers in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He also played one season each for the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans. Maryville, Tennessee, U.S.

What team did Randall Cobb play on?

The Green Bay Packers traded an undisclosed draft pick to the Houston Texans for WR Randall Cobb on July 28, 2021. Cobb (5-10, 195, 11th season), who was originally selected by the Packers in the second round (No.

Why is Cobb not playing today?

Impact Cobb will miss the minimum four games on IR following the high right-ankle sprain that he suffered back in Week 6.

When did Cobb come back to Packers?

Brought back via trade at Aaron Rodgers’ request late last summer, Cobb missed five games in 2021 because of a core muscle injury. Prior to going on IR this year, Cobb caught 18 passes for 257 yards. Cobb, 32, can move past Max McGee into the top 10 in all-time Packers receiving yardage with 190 more this season.

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Why did Cobb leave Green Bay?

Because of Green Bay’s commitments to Graham and Adams—and Rodgers’ new $134 million deal—Cobb didn’t appear to have a long-term future with the organization.

What did Packers give up for Cobb?

After days of expectation, Randall Cobb is indeed on his way back to Green Bay. The Packers are sending a 2022 sixth-round draft pick to the Houston Texans to bring back Cobb, reuniting him with Aaron Rodgers and the team for which he starred for eight seasons, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported Wednesday afternoon.

How did Green Bay get Cobb back?

Cobb, Packers Reportedly Agree to Four-Year Deal

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Packers and Cobb have agreed to a four-year deal. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport confirmed and also reported that $17 million is guaranteed. Rapoport also noted that Cobb turned multiple offers and more money to return to Green Bay.

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How did Cobb get back?

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Did Rogers want Cobb back?

According to Jonathan Jones of The Athletic, who confirmed reporting from Trey Wingo of Pro Football Network, Rodgers wants veteran receiver Randall Cobb back in Green Bay, and the Packers sound willing to make it happen via trade. Cobb is currently under contract with the Houston Texans.

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