How many number 1 hits do Ja Rule have?

50 Cent Vs. Ja Rule is a wash before it begins statistically Hot 100 Entries & Weeks (Lead+Guest) 50 Cent: 40 tracks & 528 Weeks Ja Rule: 17 tracks & 361 Weeks Top 10s 50 Cent: 13 Ja Rule: 8 No. 1s: 50 Cent: 4 Ja Rule: 3 I love Ja but Fif got that.

What is Ja Rule’s biggest hit?

  • Put It On Me. Ja Rule Featuring Lil’ Mo & Vita.
  • Always On Time. Ja Rule Featuring Ashanti.
  • Ain’t It Funny. Jennifer Lopez Featuring Ja Rule.
  • Livin’ It Up. Ja Rule Featuring Case.
  • Down 4 U. Irv Gotti Presents The Inc.
  • Mesmerize. Ja Rule Featuring Ashanti.
  • Wonderful. Ja Rule Featuring R.
  • Rainy Dayz. Mary J. Blige Featuring Ja Rule.

How many hits 50 Cent have?

This is the songs discography for American rapper 50 Cent.

50 Cent singles discography.

50 Cent discography
Music videos 88
Singles 91

1 more row

How many platinum records does Ja Rule have?

14 in New York City. Here’s what’s been erased from Ja Rule’s legacy: four platinum albums, six albums that charted in the top 10, including two No. 1s (2000’s Rule 3:36 and 2001’s Pain Is Love), eight top-10 singles and three No. 1 hits.

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Who has a diamond album?

Diamond (10+ million) certified albums and singles
Year of release Artist(s) Title
1982 Michael Jackson Thriller
1976 Eagles Hotel California
1980 AC/DC Back in Black
1971 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV

What rapper has a diamond record?

Meanwhile, Eminem also holds the unique distinction of being a rapper to have three songs that went diamond. The Detroit rhymer nabbed a diamond trophy for his Oscar-winning song “Lose Yourself,” from his 8 Mile soundtrack, in 2018.

What rapper has the most platinum records?

Eminem breaks record for most gold and platinum singles, with 166 million certifications.

Who has the most Platinums records?

Since the RIAA introduced its awards on 14 March 1958, Elvis Presley holds the record for the most platinum certificates for both albums and singles with 82.

What rapper has 2 platinum albums in one year?

It’s been over 20 years since his debut, but DMX’s influence on hip-hop endures. We did a deep dive into DMX’s career and found some accolades that you may not know—from the origin of his stage name to the year he broke records with two multi-platinum albums.

Who has the most RIAA platinum?

The Golden Beatles

More than 50 years later, the band is the most-awarded band in Gold & Platinum Program history. The Beatles have tallied 178 million cumulative album certifications, spanning 48 separate albums.

Who has 3 diamond albums?

Check the legendary list below:
  1. Garth Brooks. Diamond awards: 7. ✪ “Double Live” (Album) – 21 million sold.
  2. The Beatles. Diamond awards: 7.
  3. Led Zeppelin. Diamond awards: 6.
  4. Eminem. Diamond awards: 5.
  5. Eagles. Diamond awards: 4.
  6. Shania Twain. Diamond awards: 3.
  7. Michael Jackson. Diamond awards: 3.
  8. Katy Perry. Diamond awards: 3.

Who has most Gold albums?

The artist with the most Gold Records is Elvis Presley with 101 awards.