How many presidents has Venezuela had?

There have been 46 people sworn into office, and 64 presidencies, as several politicians (most prominently between 1830 and 1953) have held the office more than once. José Antonio Páez, the first president, was inaugurated in 1830.

Who was Venezuela’s president before Maduro?

After Chávez’s death was announced on 5 March 2013, Maduro assumed the presidency. A special presidential election was held in 2013, which Maduro won with 50.62% of the vote as the United Socialist Party of Venezuela candidate.

Who is the rightful president of Venezuela?

Juan Guaidó
Political party Independent (2020–present) Popular Will (2009–2020)
Spouse Fabiana Rosales (m. 2013)
Children 2
Education Andrés Bello Catholic University George Washington University

Is Venezuela a poor country?

According to the national Living Conditions Survey (ENCOVI), by 2021 94.5% of the population was living in poverty based on income, out of which 76.6% lived under extreme poverty, the highest figure ever recorded in the country.

Crisis in Venezuela
Location Venezuela

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Who owns all the oil in Venezuela?

Type State-owned enterprise
Net income $828 million (2016)
Total assets $189.7 billion (2016)
Owner Government of Venezuela
Number of employees 70,000

What is Venezuela famous for?

It has the world’s largest known oil reserves and has been one of the world’s leading exporters of oil. Previously, the country was an underdeveloped exporter of agricultural commodities such as coffee and cocoa, but oil quickly came to dominate exports and government revenues.

What should I avoid in Venezuela?

Common violent crime includes murder, armed robbery, drive-by shootings, sexual assault and carjackings. Criminals are often armed. Avoid walking in isolated areas, especially at night. Terrorist groups and criminal gangs are active along Venezuela’s borders with Colombia, Brazil and Guyana.

What is a typical breakfast in Venezuela?

A Venezuelan breakfast often includes baked corn flour bread called arepas, which are filled with cheese, fish, beef, or chicken, or eaten as a side with shredded beef, black beans, white cheese, avocados, and/or fresh fruit juices.

Do they speak English in Venezuela?

There are three official languages in Venezuela; Spanish, English, and Portuguese. However, there are more than 20 different native languages spoken in the country.

Is Venezuela one of the poorest countries in the world?


Venezuela is bombarded with extreme poverty, with three out of four people living below the poverty line. The main causes of poverty in Venezuela include political corruption, food shortages, and health care crises.

Is Venezuela a rich country?

Venezuela has an estimated USD$14.3 trillion worth of natural resources and is not self-sufficient in most areas of agriculture. Exports accounted for 16.7% of GDP and petroleum products accounted for about 95% of those exports. $42.530 billion (nominal, 2021 est.) $144.737 billion (PPP, 2020 est.)

Is Venezuela a good country to live in?

Venezuela can be a dangerous place, particularly in cities such as Caracas and Maracaibo. In fact, political instability, police corruption, lack of gun control, and a dismantled legal system have catapulted Venezuela’s crime index to 83.76, the highest on the planet.