How many times did Shawn Johnson go to the Olympics?

Shawn Johnson East
Event 1st 2nd
Olympic Games 1 3
World Championships 3 0
Pan American Games 5 2
American Cup 1 1

1 more row

How old is Shawn Johnson gymnast?

30 years (January 19, 1992)
Shawn Johnson / Age

What year did Shawn Johnson win Dancing with the Stars?

Shawn Johnson (season 8)

After her 2008 Olympic gold medal win, Johnson took the DWTS stage by storm. Partnered with Mark Ballas, the two took home the Mirrorball Trophy during the show’s eighth season. Johnson returned to the dance competition show in 2012 for its all-star season and partnered with Derek Hough.

What does Nastia Liukin do now?

Liukin, who took home five medals at the 2008 Olympics, retired from the sport and is now a NBC Sports gymnastics analyst in Tokyo.

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Are Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin still friends?

“In a sense, the silver felt more fulfilling because I knew that was my best,” she said. As for her relationship with Liukin today, Johnson said, “We’re inseparable, we are best friends.”

Why did Valeri Liukin step down?

Fallout from the Larry Nassar scandal continued Friday after Valeri Liukin resigned from his post as coordinator of the United States women’s gymnastics team. Liukin said in his resignation statement the “present climate” made it too difficult for him to remain with USA Gymnastics, via

What is Nastia Liukin doing Tokyo?

Former Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin was in Tokyo to cover the Summer Games for NBC Sports these past two weeks — and she brought six suitcases of incredible fashion to wear for the big gig.

Did Nastia Liukin go to Shawn Johnson’s wedding?

I support you in everything you do.” Liukin, in tears, responded 30 seconds later. They met in New York a few weeks after that. Liukin did attend Johnson’s wedding to NFL long snapper Andrew East.

Who was Nastia Liukin engaged to?

“We didn’t get engaged with the idea we’d break up,” the Beam co-founder said on the Adulting podcast this week. Former hockey player Matt Lombardi is opening up about the end of his engagement with Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin.

When did Nastia Liukin retire?

Nastia Liukin / Career end

Is MyKayla Skinner retiring?

MyKayla Skinner to retire after Tokyo Olympics – Gymnastics Now. Home. Elite. World.

How do you qualify for the Nastia?

Nastia Liukin Qualifier Information. with the highest all-around score(s) will qualify. Senior athletes – born in 2005 or prior; Junior athletes – born 2006 or later. Current US National Team members are ineligible.