How many wins does John Daly have on the Champions Tour?

More about John Daly

John has won two major championships, the PGA Championship in 1991 and the Open Championship in 1995. John also holds 3 other PGA Tour wins.

Who has the most Tour wins in golf?


With 82 all-time PGA TOUR victories, Tiger Woods is tied with Sam Snead for the most wins in PGA TOUR history.

What is John Daly’s longest drive?

More about John Daly’s driving distance

No doubt John Daly has one of the most iconic swings in golf history. In 1997 John became the first PGA tour professional to break the 300 yard average barrier. John Daly hit the longest recorded drive of the 1992 season. It went 308 yards.

Which golfer has 20 tour wins?

Accumulating 20 wins is significant, because it is one of the requirements for “life membership” on the PGA Tour.

List of golfers with most PGA Tour wins.

Player Jack Nicklaus H
Lifespan 1940–
Wins 73
Majors 18
Winning span 1962–1986

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Who is statistically the best golfer of all time?

With an all-time record of 82 PGA tour wins unrivaled by most pro golf players, Sam Snead is unlikely to miss any top 10 greatest golfers of all time list. This is the all-time record for PGA wins tied, and he shares the record with Tiger Woods.

Who has been number 1 in golf the longest?

Tiger Woods has spent the most consecutive weeks (281) and most total weeks (683) at the top of the rankings, and Tom Lehman the fewest total weeks, having spent just a single week at the top in April 1997.

Who has the most hole in 1?

Many golfers go without hitting a hole in one ever in their lifetime. That’s not the case for Norman Manley of California who holds the record for most hole in ones. Manley has shot 59 hole in ones over his lifetime.

Who hit the longest hole-in-one?

The longest recorded hole-in-one ever was made by Mike Crean, when he holed out on the par 5 ninth hole at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver in 2002 from a distance of 517 yards (473 metres). Crean was a four handicapper, and no doubt the thin air at altitude assisted him to make his mightily impressive ‘condor’.

What is the greatest golf shot of all time?

5 best golf shots in history
  • Tiger Woods, 16th hole, 2005 Masters. We couldn’t have a take on the best golf shots without an entry on Tiger Woods.
  • Tom Watson, 17th hole, 1982 US Open.
  • Seve Ballesteros, 18th hole, 1983 Ryder Cup.
  • Gene Sarazen, 15th hole, 1935 Masters.
  • Bubba Watson, play-off, 2012 Masters.

What does 20 wins on the PGA Tour get you?

If a PGA Tour player wins 20 PGA Tour events in their career, they instantly obtain lifetime membership whenever they hit that milestone. They can never lose PGA Tour status, no matter how they play for rest of their career, from that point forward unless they resign their membership.

Who has more than 21 PGA Tour wins?

This is a list of the fifty golfers who have won the most official (or later deemed historically significant) money events on the PGA Tour. It is led by Sam Snead and Tiger Woods with 82 each.

How many tour wins did Jack Nicklaus have?

He competed in 164 major tournaments, more than any other player, and finished with 73 PGA Tour victories, third behind Sam Snead (82) and Woods (82).