How much did Jennifer Aniston make per episode of Friends?

Jennifer Aniston and her female co-workers at Friends were the highest earners actresses during 2003 and 2004. Aniston earned $1 million per episode. While acting in Friends, she also participated in multiple films expanding her resume and net worth.

How much do Friends cast earn per episode?

Ahead of the filming of season 7, the cast got together again and negotiated for a massive raise. They each ended up earning $750,000 per episode in seasons 7 and 8 due to this. For the last two seasons of the sitcom, the cast members each ended up earning $1 million for every episode.

Who is the most paid actor in Friends?

Jennifer Aniston played the role of Rachel Green and was considered the highest-paid actor with a net worth of $320 million (£258.5m). However, all the actors in the main cast were paid equally on Friends, with $1 million per episode for the final two seasons.

Do the Friends cast still get paid?

The Main 6 On ‘Friends’ Are Still Making Millions

Here’s the kicker though: That translates into about a $20 million annual paycheck each for Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, who each make 2% of that syndication income. $20 million. Each year.

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How much did Netflix pay for Friends?

Netflix acquired the streaming rights to Friends in 2015 in a $100 million deal and, according to Nielsen, it is the platform’s second-most streamed show. In July, however, WarnerMedia, which owns HBO, outbid Netflix to secure the show’s streaming rights in a whopping $500 million deal.

How much are the friends royalty checks?

‘Friends’ Royalties

In 2015, USA Today reported that Warner Bros. earns $1 billion a year from “Friends.” Of that amount, 2% — or $20 million — goes to each of the stars every single year.

Who makes the most money from reruns?

David and Seinfeld can each make $400 million per syndication cycle, New York Magazine reported.

Do Friends actors get paid for reruns?

Friends stars earn $20 million each for the show’s rerun

The earnings of the cast members saw a significant rise with every episode.

Do the Friends cast still get paid for reruns?

For the six main cast members, who earn two per cent of the show’s syndication revenue, it means an annual income of $20m each – just from reruns.

How much does Jennifer Aniston get paid for Friends reruns?

In 2000, the Friends cast signed a contract that allowed them all to get a cut of any royalties from reruns, which is kinda rare, tbh. And since Friends is still on television 18 years later, Jen gets a 2 percent share of the total $1 billion the show earns in streaming and royalties revenue Every.

How much did Janice get paid in Friends?

So Elliot Gould and Christina Pickles, Ross and Monica’s parents Jack and Judy, could be adding $20,000 and $19,000 to their bank accounts every year. Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice, could be getting a cheque for $19,000. Jane Sibbett, aka Ross’s ex-wife Carol, may be receiving $15,000.

How much did Matt LeBlanc make from Friends?

It will take a lot of math to figure out Matt LeBlanc’s exact earnings from Friends, but he started out with $22,500 per episode for season 1, which increased concurrently for 10 seasons, earning $1 million for the ninth and tenth seasons.