How much did Rich Mullins make?

At his death, Rich’s net worth was around $6 million, but he never knew that. When his career took off, he arranged for his fortune to be managed in a blind trust with him receiving a modest allowance. In the music industry, he knew full well what money and temptation could do to a man.

Was Rich Mullins married?

Mullins got engaged sometime between the late 70s and early 80s, and wrote the song “Doubly Good to You” (recorded by Amy Grant on her album Straight Ahead) for his upcoming wedding. However, his fiancée broke off the engagement in 1982.

What happened to Rich Mullins?

A beloved name, still, in Christian music is Rich Mullins. Mullins in 1997 died when the Jeep in which he was riding overturned. Severely injured in the crash was Mitchell McVickers, who both performed and collaborated with Mullins. Above all, they were Christian brothers.

How old was Rich Mullins?

41 years (1955–1997)
Rich Mullins / Age at death

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Where is Rich Mullins from?

Richmond, Indiana, United States
Rich Mullins / Place of birth

Richmond is a city in eastern Wayne County, Indiana. Bordering the state of Ohio, it is the county seat of Wayne County and is part of the Dayton, OH Metropolitan Statistical Area In the 2010 census, the city had a population of 36,812.


When did Rich Mullins died?

September 19, 1997
Rich Mullins / Date of death

How old was Keith Green when he died?

28 years (1953–1982)
Keith Green / Age at death

Is Mitch Mcvicker married?

Paula McVicker
Mitch McVicker / Spouse

Who was Nicole C Mullens first husband?

In 1993, she married singer, songwriter and music producer David Mullen. They divorced in 2014. In a Facebook post, she cited “Biblical reasons” for the divorce. They have three children, one daughter and two sons, one of whom was adopted.

What year did Rich Mullins write Awesome God?

“Awesome God” is a contemporary worship song written by Rich Mullins and first recorded on his 1988 album, Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth. It was the first single from the album and rose to the number one spot on Christian radio and subsequently became a popular congregational song.

What denomination is the Church of the Great God?

The Church of the Great God (CGG) is one of the Armstrongist Churches of God. It broke away in 1992 from the Worldwide Church of God in the wake of the major shifts in its doctrine during the 1980s and 1990s. The CGG, headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina, continues to follow the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong.

Who first recorded God gave rock and roll to you?

“God Gave Rock and Roll to You” is a 1973 song by the British band Argent and covered by Kiss as “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You II” in 1991, with modified lyrics.