How much did Top Gun 2 make so far?

1. In theatrical release, “Top Gun: Maverick” has grossed more than $1.4 billion at the global box office and $692 million domestically after 14 weeks in cinemas. It currently stands as the No. 6 highest-grossing film in domestic box-office history and the No.

How much money did Tom Cruise make for Top Gun?

No wonder that by now he’s one of the richest actors in the world, leaving the humble days of his youth, when Cruise earned merely $2 million for the original Top Gun movie in 1986, far behind.

Who is the No 1 richest actor in world?

Top 10 List of Wealthiest Actors
  1. Jerry Seinfeld. Net Worth- $950 million.
  2. Shahrukh Khan. Net Worth- $715 million.
  3. Tyler Perry. Net Worth- $700 million.
  4. Tom Cruise. Net Worth- $570 million.
  5. George Clooney. Net Worth- $550 million.
  6. Robert De Niro. Net Worth- $500 million.
  7. Amitabh Bachchan. Net Worth- $455 million.
  8. Mel Gibbon.
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Is Tom Cruise a billionaire?

Is Tom Cruise a billionaire? No. Tom Cruise is not a billionaire, although, with a net worth of approximately $600 million and growing, he’s unlikely to complain.

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Who is the highest paid actor?

As of August 2021, Daniel Craig was the best-paid actor worldwide with an estimated income of 100 million U.S. dollars after, earlier that year, Netflix bought the rights for two sequels of “Knives Out” (2019).

How rich is Johnny Depp?

According to multiple websites, Johnny Depp’s net worth is $150 million (approximately Rs 1163 crore) and he charges approximately Rs 160 crore for a film. Johnny owns a house in the Hollywood Hills, which is spread over 7,100 square feet and has eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

Is Keanu Reeves a billionaire?

What is Keanu Reeves’ net worth in 2023? Reeves has an estimated net worth of $380 million.

How much money did Tom Cruise put into Top Gun 2?

What Did Tom Cruise Make for Top Gun: Maverick? You’re simply not ready. Variety initially reported that Tom made $13 million upfront for the film, but noted that he expected to earn millions more on the backend.

How much does Tom Cruise make per movie?

For certain projects, Cruise forgoes an upfront salary altogether and gets paid a percentage of the film’s profits (more on that later). Generally, though, he makes an average of at least $20 million to $25 million upfront to topline a film.

How much is Johnny Depp paid per movie?

The actor reportedly earns $20 million per film and is the star of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, where he plays Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp’s films grossed over $3.4 billion at the American box office and more than $8.7 billion worldwide.

How much is Dwayne Johnson paid per movie?

The Rock is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, if not often the highest paid actor, commanding even more than $20 million per movie, which is the top tier of salaries for an actor—and he’s also a producer on most of his projects as well, adding even more cash to this cow (er, Brahma Bull).

How much money did Leonardo DiCaprio make per movie?

Leonardo made at least $300 million in salary and bonuses from the box office between 1995 and 2020. He and Brad Pitt each accepted salaries of $10 million to play co-stars in Quentin Tarantino’s 2019 Charles Manson film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Leonardo received $30 million for Don’t Look Up on Netflix in 2021.