How much did Vanessa Bryant inherit?

Vanessa Bryant wins legal case over Kobe crash photos

On Wednesday a jury awarded $16 million to Vanessa Bryant as part of a $31 million settlement after police and firefighters shared photos of Kobe and Gianna Bryant after the plane crash that took their lives.

How much is Vanessa Bryant worth right now?

Vanessa Bryant’s net worth is reportedly US$600 million

Kobe and Vanessa reportedly had no prenuptial agreement, hence they share the same wealth. Celebrity Net Worth has Vanessa’s net worth at the same figure of US$600 million today.

How does Vanessa Bryant earn money?

In addition to her husband’s earnings, Vanessa has also amassed a significant fortune through her own business ventures, including her work as a model and actress. With such a massive net worth, it’s no wonder that Vanessa is one of the richest celebrities in the world today.

Did Vanessa win the lawsuit?

Vanessa Bryant Wins $16 Million Verdict in Lawsuit Over Kobe Bryant Crash Photos – WSJ.

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How much money did Kobe Bryant’s wife get after his death?

Vanessa Bryant was awarded $16 million in damages and Christopher Chester was awarded $15 million.

How is Vanessa Paradis so rich?

Along with her music career, Vanessa Paradis’ net worth also includes what she made from roles in movies like 1989’s Noce Blanche, 1995’s Élisa, 1997’s Witch Way Love, 1998′s Une chance sur deux, 1999’s Girl on the Bridge , 2010’s Heartbreaker, and 2011’s Café de Flore .

Who is the richest basketball player?

Michael Jordan – $1.5 billion

The majority of his wealth currently comes from endorsement deals with his primary sponsor, ‘Nike. ‘ Michael Jordan is widely considered the best NBA player of all time. Michael Jordan’s net worth is projected to be $1.5 billion, making him the world’s wealthiest basketball player.

What did Vanessa Bryant’s mom do?

Sofia Laine
Vanessa Bryant / Mother

What ethnicity is Vanessa Bryant?

Bryant was born on May 5, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. She is of Mexican descent. Her parents divorced when she was a baby. After her parents’ divorce, her biological father moved to Baja California.

Is Sophie Laine married?

Stephen Laine
Sofia Laine / Spouse (m. 1990–2002)

How old is Vanessa Bryant now?

40 years (May 5, 1982)
Vanessa Bryant / Age

Does Vanessa Bryant speak Spanish?

Vanessa Bryant was born Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta and she is of Mexican descent. She speaks Spanish fluently and has shared and passed down her Mexican heritage to her children.