How much does Bert Kreischer earn?

How much does Bert Kreischer make per year? According to Wealthy Genius, Bert Kreischer has made over $7 million in his career as a comedian. His estimated annual earnings are $500,000.

What are Bert Kreischer’s kids names?

Bert Kreischer/Children

What is Bert Kreischer’s daughter’s name?

Bert Kreischer/Daughters

Who is Bert Kreischer’s wife?

LeeAnn Kreischer
Bert Kreischer / Wife

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Is there an age limit for Bert Kreischer shows?

Tickets are required for everyone age two (2) years or older.

How old is Theo Von?

42 years (March 19, 1980)
Theo Von / Age

Who plays Bert’s wife in The Machine?

Stephanie Kurtzuba as LeeAnn Kreischer, Bert’s wife.

How long has Tom Segura been with his wife?

Tom Segura
Medium Stand-up, film, television, podcasting
Years active 2001–present
Genres Observational comedy, black comedy, sarcasm, insult comedy, deadpan
Spouse Christina Pazsitzky ​ ​ ( m. 2008)​

Who is Tom Segura’s wife?

Christina Pazsitzky
Tom Segura / Wife (m. 2008)

Christina Pazsitzky, known by her stage name Christina P, is a Canadian-born American stand-up comedian, podcaster, writer, host and TV personality. Pazsitzky co-hosts the Your Mom’s House podcast along with her husband, fellow comedian Tom Segura, and also hosts the Where My Moms At? podcast.


How old is Bert Kreisher?

50 years (November 3, 1972)
Bert Kreischer / Age

Is Bert getting a divorce?

This morning, Bert Weiss of the Atlanta-based syndicated morning show the Bert Show, announced he is getting divorced from his long-time wife Stacey.

How old is Ari Shaffir?

48 years (February 12, 1974)
Ari Shaffir / Age