How much does Danielle make on American Pickers?

Danielle Colby’s net worth is an estimated $1.5 million

Colby’s loyalty to American Pickers has certainly paid off. In 2020, it was estimated that the reality TV star makes roughly $15,000 per episode of the show.

Where does Danielle from American Pickers live?

An Iowa native, Danielle currently spends her free time in Puerto Rico, continuing to aid in the rebuild of the island while dedicating her time to orphanages, animal shelters and raising awareness on the human-trafficking crisis.

Who is Danielle Colby married to now?

Alexandre De Meyer
Danielle Colby / Spouse

Why does Danielle Colby have so many tattoos?

For some, tattoos are just another form of self-expression, but not for Danielle Colby. In her mind, they represent an experience, a time in her life, and the work of a talented artist who’s dedicated to their craft.

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Who owns American Pickers?

Mike Wolfe owns more than just the Antique Archaeology stores. Wolfe has built a small empire outside of American Pickers and the Antique Archaeology stores, owning several other business and investments.

Did American Pickers fire Danielle?

Over the years, there have been several reports that Danielle was either fired or left American Pickers. However, she was still among the cast members that returned for season 23. The Iowa native is known for her role as Shop Manager and has been starring in the program since 2009.

How many tattoos does Danielle on the pickers have?

Danielle Colby has more than 30 tattoos on her body

Some, like those on her arms, honor family members like her mother and father.

How many tattoos does Danielle have?

Danielle Bregoli has had at least 16 known tattoos: “Loyalty” on her foot (covered-up)

Did Danielle on American Pickers have her tattoos removed?

Danielle has tattoos nearly all over her body. Most of her back and legs are still tattoo-free, though. But her stomach has the most detailed tattoo on her entire body.

How many kids does Danielle Colby have?

According to The U.S. Sun, Danielle has two children with ex-husband Chad Cushman: daughter Memphis, born in 2000, and son Miles, born in 2004. And it’s Memphis who has been marketing herself on OnlyFans with Danielle’s help.

Why was Frank fired from American Pickers?

American Pickers star Frank Fritz is apparently not over his firing from the show. Fritz left the show in March 2020 to undergo back surgery, however, in July 2021, his costar Mike Wolfe confirmed that Fritz would not be returning to the show.

Are Mike and Danielle a couple?

Danielle Colby and Mike Wolfe are not a couple

When you witness the familial chemistry between Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby on “American Pickers,” it’s easy to start thinking that they’re far more than “just” friends and colleagues.