How much does Denise Richards get paid for Real Housewives?

Denise Richards, also known as Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, signed a contract with Bravo that guaranteed her at least $1million per season, Editor Choice reported. While this doesn’t make her the highest-paid Real Housewife in Bravo’s history, it does make her the highest in the Beverly Hills franchise.

How old is Denise Richards net worth?

Denise Richards Net Worth
Net Worth: $12 Million
Date of Birth Feb 17, 1971 (51 years old)
Place of Birth Downers Grove
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)

How much is Kyle from Real Housewives worth?

His wife Kyle is worth $100 million.

Yep, Kyle Richards also has an impressive net worth that is estimated to hit around $100 million, thanks to her work in the film, fashion, and real estate industries.

Did Denise Richards get married?

After her divorce, Denise adopted daughter Eloise in 2011. She went on to marry holistic medicine expert Aaron Phypers in 2018. While her marriage with Charlie didn’t work out, the Wild Things star said their relationship has “evolved” over the years to be in a better place.

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Does Denise Richards daughter have a disability?

Denise Richards opens up about raising her daughter with special needs and it’s not always easy. Richards told People that her youngest daughter, Eloise, 7, has “special needs,” and has a rare chromosomal disorder. In addition to little Eloise, Richards has two older daughters, Sam, 14, and Lola, 13.

Does Denise Richards have biological children?

Richards was married to the Two and a Half Men actor from 2002 to 2006. The exes share 18-year-old Sami and 17-year-old Lola.

Who is Denise Richards married to now?

Denise Richards/Spouse

Does Denise and Aaron have open marriage?

We actually don’t have an open marriage,” she wrote when one fan suggested that they do. “Absolutely not. 100 [percent] monogamous to my husband.”

Who is Denise Richards current husband?

Denise Richards/Husband

Who is the father of Denise Richards baby?

Denise Richards is a proud mother of 3. The actress shares Sami and Lola with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, and adopted a third child, Eloise, after her divorce.

How many biological kids does Denise Richards have?

Aside from Lola, 17, and Sam, 18, Richards is also mom to daughter Eloise Joni, 11.

Did Denise adopt Eloise?

Denise Richards adopted her 8-year-old daughter, Eloise, in 2011, joining daughters Sam and Lola (who she had with ex-husband Charlie Sheen).