How much does Lily on Modern Family make per episode?

Modern Family salary: For several seasons, Aubrey’s salary per episode was $35,000.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Net Worth.

Net Worth: $6 Million
Salary: $70 Thousand Per Episode
Date of Birth Jun 6, 2007 (15 years old)
Place of Birth Santa Monica
Gender Female

How much did Sofia Vergara get paid per episode of Modern Family?

As reported by PureWow, Sofia Vergara made roughly $30,000 per episode during the show’s first season. She received pay increases as the show continued to take off, with PureWow also noting that — as of 2018 (Season 10) — Vergara was making $500,000 per episode.

Who gets paid the most in Modern Family?

Ed O’Neill

Image: ABC/Bruno Calvo. O’Neill is the patriarch of the Modern Family cast as Jay Pritchett, Gloria’s much older husband and Claire and Mitchell’s father. Variety reported that O’Neill has earned a higher salary than the rest of the Modern Family cast since season 1 because of his recognizable career.

How much did each episode of Modern Family cost?

Today, TV shows like Modern Family reportedly pay their stars $500,000 per episode, pushing the budget into the millions. Although most TV shows are expensive to produce, some really push things with insanely pricey special effects, huge casts, and costly sets. These shows make TV of the 1950s look downright cheap.

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What is the highest budget TV show?

The most expensive TV series of all time, “The Rings of Power” has a budget of just under $1 billion for its first five seasons.

Is Phil Dunphy rich?

Phil Dunphy

area would earn quite massive amounts of money, at least over the couple of decades that he has spent in this profession. He has sold people nearly all kinds of property, from tiny houses for new couples to massive bungalows with landscaped gardens.

How much did each episode cost?

While the final seasons of Game of Thrones created episodes for a whopping $15 million a piece, House of the Dragon upped the ante, with each episode coming in just under $20 million. The first season landed at about $200 million, a far cry from Game of Throne’s first season, which only cost about $50-60 million.

Does the cast of Modern Family get paid for reruns?

All the main stars of “Modern Family” — Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O’Neill, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara — score about $500,000 per episode, which will pay off in a big way when their residuals start rolling in after the show concludes.

How much was Sarah Hyland paid per episode?

According to reports, Hyland made around $15,000–$25,000 per episode during the first few seasons. However, in 2012, she and all the kids on the show negotiated salaries increases to $70,000 per episode. According to a Deadline report in 2017, Hyland earned more than $100,000 per episode in Seasons 9 and 10.

How much did Mitchell make Modern Family?

Five Emmy nominations for his role as Mitchell Pritchett ain’t bad. But $500,000 per episode is even better, especially as it helped this stage actor bank 22 mill.

How much did Joe make on Modern Family?

Jeremy Maguire, the 5-year-old actor who just began starring as Joe Pritchett in the hit comedy series Modern Family, reportedly earned around $135,000 for the show’s last season.

How much did Alex from Modern Family make?

Ariel Winter’s current estimated net worth is $35 Million USD. Ariel Winter’s salary per episode is $200,000 for the television roles she starred in. is an American actress known for being starred as Alex Dunphy in the ABC comedy series Modern Family.