How much does Salah make a month?

Taking into account his £18.2 million (€21 million) annual salary, Mohamed Salah would earn about £1.5m (€1.7m) per month or £350,000 (€404,000) a week. That would make it nearly £70,000 a day, or around £8,750 per hour, or more than £145 per minute.

How much is Salah current salary?

18.2 million GBP (2023)
Mohamed Salah / Salary

Who is the highest paid prayer in the world?

  • #1. $128 mil. Kylian Mbappé ONFIELD: $110 mil OFFFIELD: $18 mil | AGE: 23
  • #2. $120 mil. Lionel Messi. ONFIELD: $65 mil OFFFIELD: $55 mil | AGE: 35
  • #3. $100 mil. Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • #4. $87 mil. Neymar Jr.
  • #5. $53 mil. Mohamed Salah.
  • #6. $39 mil. Erling Haaland.
  • #7. $35 mil. Robert Lewandowski.
  • #8. $31 mil. Eden Hazard.

Who earns more Salah or mane?

Sadio Mane passes Mo Salah to become Africa’s highest paid player as top nine listed. Sadio Mane’s recent move to Bayern Munich has seen him become the highest paid African player – surpassing former teammate Mohamed Salah.

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Who is Liverpool highest paid?

Who is the highest paid star at Liverpool? Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah leads the way at Liverpool after signing a new contract, with a weekly wage of £350,000, or £18.2m a year, according to That puts him ahead of Virgil van Dijk and Thiago.

Who is Nigeria highest paid player?

Odion Ighalo is the highest-paid Nigerian footballer. Ighalo joined Al Shabab from Shanghai Shenhua in January 2020 where he was being paid $402,000.

Who is the richest football in the world?

Messi first became the world’s highest-paid athlete on Forbes’ list in 2019. He topped the list again in 2022 with total earnings of USD 130 million. The Argentine is one of the six billionaire athletes in the world today, with Forbes valuing the total earnings in his career at USD 1.15 billion.

Who is the richest footballer in the world 2022?

Kylian Mbappe, who commands a salary said to be in excess of $110 million from Paris Saint-Germain, is the highest-paid football player in the world and is also the richest footballer in 2022.

Who is the highest-paid player in India?

Virat Kohli
  • Kohli is considered one of the best batsmen in the world and currently captains the Indian national cricket team.
  • He is one of just three Indian cricketers selected for the nation’s A+ contracts, which guarantee an annual salary of $1 million in 2020.

How much does Bayern Munich Mane earn?

Here’s how much every single Bayern Munich player gets from the club, with bonuses included: Sadio Mane: €22m. Manuel Neuer: €21m.

Who is the world’s highest paid footballer *?

In Pics | World’s highest-paid football players (2022)
  1. 01 | Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain) – $128 million.
  2. 02 | Lionel Messi (Barcelona) – $120 million.
  3. 03 | Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – $100 million.
  4. 04 | Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) – $87 million.
  5. 05 | Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – $53 million.

Was Mane underpaid?

Cisse has dismissed rumors that said the attacker left the Reds because of low wages. He has claimed that false numbers have been circulating in the media suggesting Mane was underpaid at Liverpool and that is not true.