How much is Ashton from Below Deck worth?

8/10 Ashton Pienaar $150,000

Ashton Pienaar made his Below Deck debut during its sixth season on Below Deck: Seanna.

What is Ashton Pienaar doing now?

Ashton Pienaar

Since rocking the boat on the Bravo series, Pienaar has taken up fitness coaching with his company AP Elite. In September 2022, the South Africa native announced that he is engaged to girlfriend Sarah McAlpine Cooper.

How much is Kate from Below Deck worth?

Kate Chastain net worth: Kate Chastain is an American stewardess and reality television personality who has a net worth of $300 thousand. Kate Chastain was born in Sacramento, California in July 1983.

What is Captain Lee’s salary?

According to Cinemaholic, the Florida-based skipper is worth approximately $1 million. The beloved but sharp tongued captain likely brings in up to $210,000 a year by helming the yachts featured on Below Deck, Worldwide Boat reports, as that’s the salary for skippers of boats in the 150 feet to 177 feet range.

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Do yachties get paid a salary plus tips?

To put this in perspective, those tips are on top of a fee for charting the yachts. Kate previously revealed to ET that it costs about $150,000 a week to take over the ships. The tips come on top of a regular salary, which differs based on job.

What is a bosun salary?

A bosun salary generally ranges between $3,500-5,000 per month, starting at $3,500 for those with minimal experience. Factors that might lead to a higher bosun salary include watersport certification, such as those all-important diving or kitesurfing credentials, and engineering experience or qualifications.

What is the highest salary for a ship captain?

The highest salary in the Merchant Navy is for the post of Captain which is around Rs. 8,65,000 to 20,00,000 per month.

Which ship captains make the most money?

High Paying Ship Captain Jobs
  • Boat Pilot. Salary range: $42,500-$223,000 per year.
  • Tugboat Captain. Salary range: $72,500-$141,500 per year.
  • Port Captain. Salary range: $52,000-$107,500 per year.
  • Marine Superintendent. Salary range: $72,500-$104,000 per year.
  • Vessel Master. Salary range: $43,000-$84,000 per year.
  • Captain.

Does Captain Lee get tip money?

Despite not seeing the Below Deck captains taking a portion of the tip, Captain Lee Rosbach says he does receive tip money from the charters. A fan recently wondered on Twitter whether the entire tip goes only to the crew. However, the tip seen given out to the crew on the show is only a portion of it.

What is the highest salary of captain?

Highest salary that a Captain can earn is ₹20.4 Lakhs per year (₹1.7L per month).

How much does a 747 captain make?

Captain Pay Rates (yearly)
Year 1 3
Boeing 747 $37,917.72 $233,474.40

Who makes the most money on a cruise ship?

It comes as no surprise that the ship’s captain has the biggest salary from working on a cruise ship. The master of the vessel has a huge responsibility for ship safety for crew and passengers along with navigation. The captain can earn almost $100,000 manually depending on the cruise line and experience.