How much is Bevy Worth?

Bevy Smith net worth: Bevy Smith is an American writer, commentator, television personality, and business woman who has a net worth of $2.5 million. She is probably most well-known for co-hosting the show “Fashion Queens” on Bravo. She also hosts a daily one hour show on Sirius/XM.

How old is bevy Smith?

56 years (November 2, 1966)
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How old is Bevy Smith’s mother?

My dad is 92, and my mom is 89. BLESSED Just seeing them puts me in a really great sense of gratitude, because I’m like, wow, look at how blessed I am.

Is Bevy Smith in Harlem?

While Bevy has set her sights on Malibu Beach, she currently lives and loves in her beloved hometown of Harlem, New York.

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Where does bevy Smith live?

Bevy Smith was born, raised, and still resides in Harlem, New York.

What is Bev Smith doing now?

Bev is currently the host of “The Bev Smith Show” heard on the American Urban Radio Networks, where she is fondly known as “The Queen of Late Night Talk.” She has hosted the show since 1998, and is the only African American woman radio talk show host who has a nationally syndicated show in the country.

Where did Bevy Smith go to college?

She was raised in the Homewood neighborhood of Pennsylvania, and graduated from Westinghouse High School. In 1961, Smith entered beautician school, to raise money for college, and a year later enrolled in Clark’s Business School. In 1963, she took classes at Robert Morris Junior College.

Who is Aunt Tammy on Harlem?

However, there are cast members on Harlem that have strong ties to the New York City borough, including: Harlem native Bevy Smith (Aunt Tammy), longtime Washington Heights resident Jasmine Guy (Patricia), and Bronx natives Juani Feliz (Isabela) and Kadeem Ali Harris (Brandon).

Who is Tammy new boyfriend?

The 1000lb Sisters star made her relationship with Mikey Mooney Facebook official. After Mooney’s own friend asked why he was with her, Mooney shot down claims it was for notoriety.

What was Tammy secret?

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton left fans furious after she revealed she had enjoyed a secret meeting with her married ex-boyfriend Jerry Sykes. The season three premiere of her hit TLC show kicked off with a bang as the world finally got to catch up with the 35-year-old and her sister, Amy Slaton.

Why does Tammy have a trec?

After her latest trip to the hospital, doctors gave Tammy a trach to ensure that she would be able to get air to her lungs, but fans are concerned for the reality star’s recovery in the coming years.

How old is Amy Slaton?

35 years (October 28, 1987)
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