How much is Jeff Zucker paid?

Jeff Zucker Net Worth
Net Worth: $60 Million
Salary: $6 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 9, 1965 (57 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Television producer, Businessperson

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What is Zucker worth?

American media executive and president of CNN Worldwide, Jeff Zucker has an estimated net worth of $60 million as of 2022.

Where did Jeff Zucker get his money?

According to The Wrap, Zucker reportedly received $6.3 million as the base package during his tenure at NBC. He also received a minimum of $1.5 million per year as a bonus during the 2010s. As the president, Zucker was also stated to make an additional $2 to 4.5 million based on the network’s profits.

Was Zucker married?

Caryn Zucker
Jeff Zucker / Spouse (m. 1996–2019)

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Is Allison Gollust still married?

Gollust herself had split from husband William Hult, a tech executive, in 2015 and finalized their divorce in 2017. In and around the newsroom at CNN, Gollust began referring to she and Zucker as “we,” according to sources. Their proximity was well documented.

Did Allison Gollust resign?

CNN executive Allison Gollust resigns as WarnerMedia CEO cites ethical lapses Chief marketing officer Allison Gollust quit after the end of a probe of former prime-time star Chris Cuomo. Gollust, Cuomo and former CNN chief Jeff Zucker were all cited for violating standards.

Does Allison Gollust have kids?

Many media insiders have questioned that the pair’s romance only began in the last two years; Zucker and his wife Caryn Nathanson separated in 2018 and later divorced; Gollust is also divorced from her husband, Tradewell Markets president William Hult. The couple have two children, Olivia and Ava.

How many kids does Allison Gollust have?

Personal life. In 2013, Gollust lived in Manhattan with her husband and two daughters.

Who is Ari Zucker married to?

Kyle Lowder
Arianne Zucker / Spouse (m. 2002–2014)

Kyle Brandon Lowder is an American actor. He began his career in 2000, when he was cast in the role of Brady Black on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives; he remained in the role until his exit in 2005.


Where did Allison Gollust grow up?

Her early life and career. Allison Gollust was born on June 20, 1977. She grew up in New York City along with her sister and parents. Her father was an executive at ABC TV network and her mother was a housewife.

How long has Allison Gollust worked at CNN?

It is deeply disappointing that after spending the last nine years defending and upholding CNN’s highest standards of journalistic integrity, I would be treated this way as I leave. But I do so with my head held high, knowing that I gave my heart and soul to working with the finest journalists in the world.”

Who is Jeff Zucker’s wife?

Caryn Zucker
Jeff Zucker / Wife (m. 1996–2019)