How much is Neymar getting paid at PSG?

40.8 million GBP (2022)
Neymar / Salary

How much is Messi’s contract with PSG?

Lionel Messi contract, salary details at PSG

Reports stated at the time of Messi’s signing at PSG in the summer of 2021 that he had agreed to a two-year contract with PSG that boasted a $41 million annual net salary, including bonuses. The contract also includes an option for a third year.

How much is Neymar 2022 worth?

Neymar is also one of the richest footballers in the world with a net worth of USD 95 million, as per Forbes’ list of the highest-paid athletes of 2022, and owns many of the most expensive things.

How much does Neymar earn a week?

In Paris, Neymar earns €3m per month, €700,000 per week, or €100,000 per day.

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Who is richest footballer in the world?

Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo is the richest footballer player in the world right now after signing a contract with Saudi Arabia-based club Al Nassr which will see him pocket €200 million a year from his club alone.

How much is PSG worth?

PSG currently have the fifth-highest revenue in the footballing world with an annual revenue of €654m according to Deloitte, and are the world’s seventh-most valuable football club, worth $3.2bn according to Forbes.

Is Neymar a billionaire?

Neymar – $200million

Although impossible to predict his exact net worth, Neymar takes his spot at number seven. A worldwide superstar, the PSG winger has won almost everything there is to be won at club level, apart from the Champions League.

Is Neymar the highest-paid athlete?

Neymar’s playing salary is the third highest in the world, and incredibly just the third highest on his own PSG team.

Is Neymar paid more than Messi?

Neymar is reportedly the highest-paid player at Paris Saint-Germain, ahead of seven-time Ballon d’or winner Lionel Messi.

How much is Ronaldo paid per week?

What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary? Ronaldo’s contract with Al-Nassr is reported to ensure a salary of $215 million (£177m) a year. That breaks down as approximately $4.1 million (£3.4m) a week.

Who is the highest paid player in the world 2023?

  • Jan 20, 2023. These Are Top 10 Highest-Paid Footballers In The World.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo. The former Manchester United star recently joined Al-Nassr FC and became the highest paid footballer of all time.
  • Kylian Mbappe.
  • Lionel Messi.
  • Neymar Jr.
  • Mohamed Salah.
  • Erling Haaland.
  • Robert Lewandowski.

Who is the highest paid player weekly?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best-paid player in the Premier League, with the Manchester United forward earning a weekly salary of £515,385 a week, according to