How Much is OtterBox worth?

In addition to phone cases, OtterBox also manufactures cases for tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices. The company has a history of partnering with major brands such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, and BlackBerry. According to Forbes, OtterBox is currently worth $2.7 billion.

Who owns OtterBox?

Type Private
Founders Curt Richardson David Bridge
Headquarters Fort Collins, Colorado , U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Key people Curt Richardson (Chairman) Jim Parke (CEO)

Who is Curt Richardson?

Curt Richardson is the co-founder, with his wife, Nancy Richardson, and chairman of Blue Ocean Enterprises, Inc.

Who invented OtterBox?

Serial entrepreneur Curt Richardson was running his first successful business at the age of 21. In the following decade, he started and grew multiple ventures. Richardson created the first OtterBox waterproof case in his garage in the early ’90s and in 1998, Otter Products was born.

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Are Otter boxes made in China?

A: The Otterbox is Made in USA, China and Mexico. Their headquarter is located in CO USA, the questions you must ask yourself when you are buying a Otterbox case does it comes with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty or… see more.

Why do they call it OtterBox?

OtterBox is such a unique name for a company — where did it come from? Curt: Similar to an otter’s fur, our first line was a waterproof box. That product benefit inspired my wife, Nancy Richardson, to create the name OtterBox.

What’s better than Otterbox?

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  • Main Pros and Cons of Otterbox Cases. Pros. Cons.
  • Best Otterbox Alternatives. #1 Spigen. #2 Rhinoshield. #3 Pela Case. #4 Mous. #5 Supcase. #6 Ballistic Raptor S Series. #7 Trident Aegis Series. #8 Pelican Cases. #9 Survivor Cases. #10 Lifeproof. #11 Casetify.
  • Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Otterbox Alternative.

What happened to LifeProof cases?

LifeProof served as a proving ground for the OtterBox brand to also adopt robust recycled materials into its cases while maintaining the protection that both brands are known for.

Which is the most protective phone case?

Our recommendations for the 5 top phone case brands
  • Best eco-friendly phone case brand: Pela Case.
  • Best protective phone case brand: Otterbox.
  • Best outdoor enthusiast phone case brand: Mous.
  • Best drop protection phone case brand: Urban Armour Gear.
  • Best waterproof phone case brand: LifeProof.

When was OtterBox founded?

Founded in 1998, we stand apart in our dedication to quality, durability and purposeful innovation. From small moments to life-changing ones, OtterBox keeps you in sync with every moment, every day, so you can stay connected to what gives those days meaning.

Who is the CEO of OtterBox?

Jim Parke (Mar 10, 2016–)
OtterBox / CEO

Does Otter own LifeProof?

LifeProof is a U.S. consumer electronics accessory company headquartered in San Diego, California, and was acquired in 2013 by OtterBox.