How much is sargent Slaughter Worth?

Slaughter is an American professional wrestler who has a net worth of $250 thousand. Sgt. Slaughter was born in Detroit, Michigan in August 1948.

Sgt. Slaughter Net Worth.

Net Worth: $250 Thousand
Profession Wrestler
Nationality United States of America

Did Sgt. Slaughter serve in the military?

The gimmick of Sgt. Slaughter is that of a former U.S. Marine who fought in the Vietnam War. Remus himself never served in the military. This has caused controversy because, at times, Remus has talked about military service while seeming to be speaking as himself, and not in character.

Who is Sgt. Slaughter married to?

Karen Hennessy
Sgt. Slaughter / Spouse

How old is Sergeant Slaughter?

74 years (August 27, 1948)
Sgt. Slaughter / Age

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Where does Sargent Slaughter live?

Burlington, North Carolina

Is Sergeant Slaughter married?

Karen Hennessy
Sgt. Slaughter / Spouse

How tall is Sgt. Slaughter?

1.98 m
Sgt. Slaughter / Height

How much does Sergeant Slaughter weigh?

138 kg
Sgt. Slaughter / Weight

What rank was Sgt. Slaughter?


Why did Sgt. Slaughter turn heel?

Bruce Prichard has mentioned the real reason was the cost of security, which the WWE would have to pay, but also pointed out that the attempt to sell out the Coliseum (roughly 100,000 tickets) would have been a monumental task that required an equally magnificent main event. Sgt.

How much money does Ric Flair have?

Ric Flair Net Worth
Net Worth: $500 Thousand
Date of Birth Feb 25, 1949 (73 years old)
Place of Birth Memphis
Gender Male
Height 6 ft (1.85 m)

What wrestler used the Cobra clutch?

The cobra clutch was originally used by Sgt. Slaughter, who used it to win the WWE Championship. It was later used my “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. This move was used by two of the most influential wrestlers of all time.