How much money did Brian Dawkins make?

Brian Dawkins signed a 5 year, $27,000,000 contract with the Denver Broncos, including a $5,780,000 signing bonus, and an average annual salary of $5,400,000.

Current Contract.

Contract: 5 yr(s) / $27,000,000
Signing Bonus $5,780,000
Average Salary $5,400,000
Total Guarantees
Guaranteed at Signing

1 more row

Who is Brian Dawkins wife?

His wife helped save it. Ahead of his induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Brian Dawkins opened up about his battle with depression, thoughts of suicide, and how his family, namely wife Connie Dawkins, saved his life.

What does Brian Dawkins do now?

Passionate in his interest and desire to give back to as many as possible, Brian launched the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation in 2019 to provide inspiration, education and resources to youth, families and communities in need.

How much money did Donovan McNabb make?

According to NBC Sports, the former Eagles quarterback is one of the team’s highest-paid players ever. McNabb earned a well-deserved total of $76 million throughout his career. He got over $40 million in base salary, plus almost $25 million in signing bonuses.

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How much does Patrick Mahone make?


How much does Patrick Mahone make a year?

Mahomes is perfectly satisfied with his contract, revealing he doesn’t worry about being the highest-paid player in the game. Winning Super Bowls is the reward Mahomes seeks, which is accomplished by having a strong roster around him. Basically, Mahomes is more than OK with making $45 million a season.

Was McNabb drunk during Super Bowl?

As for why McNabb would be throwing up in the huddle during the most important game of his career, Owens says that his former Eagles teammates gave him the dirt: McNabb was out drinking the night before and was hungover during the game.

What is coach McCarthy salary?

$4 million

What is the salary of Troy Aikman?

Based on reported figures, Aikman’s contract averages out to around $18 million annually.

What is Eli Manning’s salary?

Contract: 4 yr(s) / $84,000,000
Signing Bonus $31,000,000
Average Salary $21,000,000
Total Guarantees $67,000,000
Guaranteed at Signing $54,000,000

1 more row

How much does Tom Brady make?

As for how Brady’s contract breaks down, Pro Football Network reports that Brady will earn $15 million salaries for each season, with $10 million roster bonuses. According to the site, Brady’s salary counts for 14.1 percent of the Buccaneers’ salary cap, which is estimated at more than $30 million for 2021.

How much does Jalen Elliott make?

Current Contract

Jalen Elliott signed a 1 year, $207,000 contract with the Las Vegas Raiders, including an average annual salary of $207,000. NFL contract specifics generally collected from verified reports.