How much money did Cory win on The Challenge?

Battle of the Bloodlines

Cory received $37,500 for finishing the Final Challenge in second place.

Has Cory from The Challenge ever won a challenge?

Cory Wharton has competed on nine seasons of MTV’s The Challenge. He has placed second, but has never taken home the championship.

Does Cory win The Challenge tonight?

The Emerald Cell whispers a bunch before casting their votes because this scene desperately needs some suspense. But it ends up being Cory, which we all guessed as soon as they won.

How many times has Cory Wharton won The Challenge?

9/11 Cory Wharton – 12 Eliminations, 8 Wins, 4 Losses

Cory Wharton came over from Real World and has been a finalist four times while competing on a total of 10 seasons of The Challenge.

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Is Cory Wharton and Taylor still together?

TEEN Mom star Cory Wharton has welcomed a new addition to his family with longtime girlfriend Taylor Selfridge.

Who is Cory’s girlfriend from The Challenge?

The Challenge’s Cory Wharton and his girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, have welcomed their second child together, but the family is trying to stay positive amid a medical scare.

How many wins does CT have on The Challenge?

So, how many finals has CT Tamburello won in total? According to Distractify, he won MTV’s The Challenge seven times, including season 37, and competed on the show 22 times. He won Rivals II, Invasion of the Champions, Champs vs.

What does Cory Wharton do for a living?

Cory Williams is one of the original roommates on Real World: Ex-Plosion. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cory works as a personal trainer in Santa Monica. His ex is Lauren, his on-and-off childhood sweetheart.

Did Cory and Taylor have a baby?

Find out more below. Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge’s baby girl is on the mend. Almost a week after The Challenge stars confirmed they recently welcomed their second child together, a daughter named Maya Grace Wharton, Cory updated fans on their baby’s recovery process.

Did Cory Wharton play football?

Cory played fringe D1 College football. He gave up his scholarship due to a pregnancy scare that a crazy ex-girlfriend lied to him about.

What movie is Cory Wharton in?

Cory Wharton is known for Black Spartans, Devil’s Ride and TMI Hollywood (2012).

How many children does Cory Wharton have?

Cory shares Ryder with Cheyenne. Outside of that former relationship, Cory has two kids with longtime girlfriend Taylor. They welcomed their daughter Mila in 2020. Then, in June 2022, Taylor gave birth to their second daughter, Maya.