How much money did Kobe Bryant get a year?

Kobe’s salary is jumping from $27,849,149 last year to $30,453,805 in 2013-14, per’s databases, and those are the numbers I’ll be using while breaking down how much the Mamba makes for each on-court contribution.

What was Kobe’s highest salary?

Highest-paid player by season
Year Player Salary
2012–13 Kobe Bryant $30,453,805
2013–14 $30,453,805
2014–15 $23,500,000
2015–16 $25,000,000

Who has the highest NBA salary?

Warriors star Stephen Curry is on the books for $48.1 million in the 2022-23 season, making him the league’s highest earner for the sixth straight season.

How much was Kobe Bryant’s contract worth?

The Los Angeles Lakers signed Kobe Bryant to a three-year contract extension on Friday, reportedly worth $90 million.

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Is Kobe Bryant still making money?

He had active deals with the likes of Turkish Airlines and Lenovo in 2020. However, the biggest payout has got to be his deal with Nike, which recently launched a retro release of Bryant’s own personal shoe line. Fortune estimates that Kobe was still earning around $20 million per year in endorsement deals.

Who is the highest paid Lakers player?

Los Angeles Lakers Players’ Salaries For The 2022-23 NBA Season
  1. Russell Westbrook – $47,063,478.
  2. LeBron James – $44,474,988.
  3. Anthony Davis – $37,980,720.
  4. Patrick Beverley – $13,000,000.
  5. Lonnie Walker IV – $6,479,000.
  6. Kendrick Nunn – $5,250,000.
  7. Damian Jones – $2,298,000.
  8. Juan Toscano-Anderson – $2,133,278.

Who is the cheapest paid NBA player?

Ishmail Wainright is the NBA’s lowest paid player

As things stand, the dubious honor of lowest paid player in the league is held by Ishmail Wainright of the Phoenix Suns, who earns a grand total of $633,891.

Who has a 200 million contract in NBA?

Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors

This is another milestone for the three-point king, making the first NBA player to sign two $200 million contracts.

Who is the top 5 paid NBA players?

2022-2023 Player Salaries
1 Stephen Curry, PG $48,070,014
2 Russell Westbrook, PG $47,063,478
3 LeBron James, SF $44,474,988
4 Kevin Durant, PF $44,119,845

How much was Kobe’s first contract worth?

When Kobe Bryant signed his first pro basketball contract with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1996, it made him a millionaire virtually overnight: The three-year contract would pay $3.5 million. Bryant was 17 at the time, straight out of high school.

How much was Kobe Bryant’s first contract?

Since Bryant was still 17 at the time, his parents had to cosign his contract with the Lakers until he was able to sign his own when he turned 18 before the season began. Bryant signed a three-year rookie contract totaling $3.5 million.

Who is the highest paid baseball player?

Highest-paid MLB Players of 2022 by Total Compensation
  • Mets SP Max Scherzer: $43,333,333. Contract: 3 years, $130,000,000.
  • Rangers SS Corey Seager: $37,500,000.
  • Twins SS Carlos Correa: $35,100,000.
  • Padres 3B Manny Machado: $30,000,000.
  • Cardinals 3B Nolan Arenado: $29,429,500.
  • Mets SS Francisco Lindor: $27,000,000.