How much money did Tim Wakefield make?

$150k for 16-20 games. $200k for 21-30 games.


Contract: 2 yr(s) / $5,000,000
Average Salary $2,500,000
Free Agent: 2012 / UFA

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Is Tim Wakefield a Hall of Famer?

He has also played for almost 20 seasons in Major League Baseball. However, a quick glance at his player page on will show you that he is not a Hall of Famer, and it’s not even close.

How old was Tim Wakefield when retired?

Tim Wakefield, 45, is set to announce his retirement from Major League Baseball today after 19 seasons in the big leagues, 17 of those years with the Boston Red Sox, as the team announced earlier today.

Is Tim Wakefield still married?

Wakefield met his wife, Stacy Stover, in Massachusetts. They were married November 9, 2002. Their two children are Trevor (born in 2004) and Brianna (2005). They own a home in Satellite Beach, Florida.

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Who was the best knuckleball pitcher of all time?

1) Phil Niekro (1964-87)

The most famous knuckleballer of all, Niekro is a Hall of Famer and the only knuckleball pitcher who’s a member of baseball’s historic 300-win and 3,000-strikeout clubs.

What is Tim Wakefield doing now?

In 2016, Wakefield was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Currently, Wakefield is a studio analyst for NESN’s Red Sox Pre and Post Game Shows.

Is Tim Wakefield number retired?

Wakefield was also a crucial part of nine playoff teams, a feat no other player in team history can match. Even if he didn’t put up the most eye-popping numbers, no pitcher in team history could match his resume. Since his retirement in 2011, Wakefield’s number 49 has not been given out.

Who is Wakefield twinned with?

Nanning is the capital of China’s Guangxi province. Wakefield is twinning with Nanning City, which is home to seven million people on the Chinese border with Vietnam.

Was Tim Wakefield a closer?

The Knuckling Closer

For one magical season, Wakefield wasn’t used as a starter or a swingman reliever, but as the Red Sox’s closer. While every team now requires triple-digit heat to pitch in the ninth, the Red Sox utilized the antithesis of that in 1999.

Where did Tim Wakefield grow up?

Timothy Stephen Wakefield was born in Melbourne, Florida on August 2, 1966. He grew up in Melbourne and attended the public schools there, graduating from Eau Gallie High School in Melbourne. Tim went through tee-ball and Little League, and as a Floridian, he could play baseball every day.

How old is Tim Wakefield?

56 years (August 2, 1966)
Tim Wakefield / Age

Where did Tim Wakefield go to college?

Florida Institute of Technology
Tim Wakefield / College

The Florida Institute of Technology is a private research university in Melbourne, Florida. The university comprises four academic colleges: Engineering & Science, Aeronautics, Psychology & Liberal Arts, and Business. Approximately half of FIT’s students are enrolled in the College of Engineering & Science.