How much money does Alison Victoria make?

She’s worth an estimated $3 million.

Is Alison Victoria married?

Luke Harding
Alison Victoria / Spouse (m. 2013)

What does Alison Victoria do now?

Get to Know Alison

She’s an interior designer and host of Windy City Rehab.

Where is Alison Victoria from?

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Alison Victoria / Place of birth

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Who is Alison Victoria husband?

Luke Harding
Alison Victoria / Husband (m. 2013)

How old is Victoria Alison?

40 years (October 31, 1981)
Alison Victoria / Age

What nationality is Victoria in the kitchen?

Victoria Eliasdóttir is a Danish-born, Icelandic-raised chef.

Where did Alison Victoria go to school?

Alison Victoria, a Chicago native moved to Las Vegas in 1999 to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where she graduated and embarked on her professional career as the youngest designer at Christopher Homes in Las Vegas.

Where does Alison Victoria live now?

Alison Victoria Has a New Home in Atlanta—See Inside.

Who is Alison Victoria parents?

Ty Pennington, Jasmine Roth, and other HGTV stars shared their condolences.

Did Alison Victoria Sue Donovan?

Alison Victoria Explains Why She Filed a Lawsuit Against Donovan Eckhardt. She estimates to have spent nearly $700,000 of her own money on projects due to Eckhardt’s mishandling of their finances.

How did Alison Victoria get started?

She was the youngest designer at Christopher Homes.

In 1999, Alison moved from Chicago to Las Vegas to attend the University of Nevada. Once she graduated, she began working at Christopher Homes in Las Vegas, becoming the youngest designer there. She created interior designs for affluent, semi-custom residences.