How much money does Anna sitar make on TikTok?

Based on the industry average amount TikTok shoutouts cost an advertiser, which is anywhere between $2- $4 per thousand TikTok fans. And based on her 12 million fans, Sitar can potentially rake in anywhere between $24,000-$48,000 per sponsored post on her TikTok channel.

Where does Anna sitar attend school?

After completing my undergraduate education at Western Michigan University, I have decided to continue my studies at Loyola Marymount University to obtain a Masters in Film and Television Production.

What do Anna Sitars parents do?

Info on Her Parents and Siblings

Her father’s name is Mike Sitar Sr., and her mother’s name is Edyta Sitar. Both of her parents have a profession of their own — her father is a vehicle manufacturer, while her mother is the owner of Laundry Basket Quilts.

How does Anna Sitar have so much money?

To break down the Anna Sitar net worth, since her start on TikTok she has revenue coming in a few different ways such as collaborating with Curology, her own merchandise being sold, and also making money from the creator fund.

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Are Anna and Bru still dating?

Bru and Anna quietly started dating that autumn before publicly announcing their romance in December 2021. These days, Bru is a regular co-star on Anna’s page and their love is definitely in the spotlight.

Where is Anna Sitar originally from?

The start of Anna Sitar’s story feels familiar to that of most TikTok users. Having just moved to L.A. from Marshall, Michigan (population: 7,000), the recent college grad downloaded the addictive video app in April 2019 because, well, why not?

What is Anna Bananas real name?

Anna Banana (born February 24, 1940 as Anne Lee Long in Victoria, British Columbia) is a Canadian artist known for her performance art, writing, and work as a small press publisher. She has been described as an “entrepreneur and critic”, and pioneered the artistamp, a postage-stamp-sized medium.

How long have Anna and Bru been dating?

Who is ‘The Circle’ star Josh “Bru” Brubaker dating? The 25-year-old Michigan native, who hosts radio shows on various stations across the country, is in a relationship with Anna Sitar. The now-couple first met in March of 2021. Bru and Anna began “soft launching” their romance online in the summer of 2021.

Where is Anna from TikTok from?

She’s from Michigan.

Anna is originally from Michigan and, in that WIMITLA interview, she said she lives “on an island in the Detroit River” (that island, in case you feel the overwhelming urge to Google Earth stalk her, is called Grosse Ile).

How old is Ana from TikTok?

The TikTok star was born on 5 January 2003. Therefore, as of December 2021, Ana Sobonja’s age is 18 years.

How old is Anna McNulty now?

Anna McNulty’s age is 19 years as of 2022.

Who is Eva Cudmore?

She is best known for her lip-sync and dance videos which have earned her 3 million followers on TikTok. Cudmore is a member of the TikTok collective Just a House.