How much money does country life vlog make on YouTube?

Who is behind Country Life vlog?

Meet Aziza and Her Family

The heart of the Country Life Vlog is Aziza and her family. They rise early to tend their garden, chickens, and cows, and gather fresh ingredients for their meals, and sometimes build the oven needed to make the dish! All the hard work is done with a smile.

Where is Kand Hayati from?

Khan Hayati (Persian: خان حياطي, also Romanized as Khān Ḩayāţī) is a village in Chelevand Rural District, Lavandevil District, Astara County, Gilan Province, Iran.

How old is the lady on Country Life vlog?

Nature is medicine for 39-year-old Maryam Alvandi, who lives in Gilan Province in Northern Iran. Alvandi grew up in the capital city of Tehran and worked as a beautician for 15 years.

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Who is Aziza Ramikhanova?

Aziza Ramikhanova is also an incredibly talented cook. Her mouthwatering recipes are extremely popular at all weddings in Hil village. The Ramikhanovs usually film their culinary videos on their farmland near their village.

Who is Amiraslan Ramikhanov?

Amiraslan Ramikhanov is a professional chef who had been working in one of the restaurants in Baku.

Who is the guy from almazan kitchen?

Almazan Kitchen is Aleksandar and Boban Almazan, a Serbian nephew and uncle and authors of one of the most popular YouTube cooking channels. Their unique style of outdoor cooking has attracted more than 2.7 million subscribers and their videos showing simple yet delicious recipes get tens of millions of views.

Where is open fire filmed?

The film starred Rupert Graves as Martin, as well as Samuel West as Waldorf, Douglas Hodge as investigating officer DC Peter Finch, and Kate Hardie as Sue Stephens. Open Fire was filmed in Belsize Park and in around Hampstead, London. The film has never been released commercially.

What restaurant does Rob Rossi own?

Chef Rob Rossi : Giulietta.

Who owns La Palma Restaurant?

Chef Craig Harding’s name has become synonymous with delicious Italian food in the city. He is the chef and owner of La Palma, Constantine and previously Campagnolo.

What is the meaning of open fire?

a fire that you light outside, for example to cook on, or a fire in a space in a wall of a building, with a chimney to take the smoke away: The campers roasted marshmallows over an open fire. chestnuts roasting on an open fire. UK.

What are the 4 types of fire?

Class A: solid materials such as wood or paper, fabric, and some plastics. Class B: liquids or gas such as alcohol, ether, gasoline, or grease. Class C: electrical failure from appliances, electronic equipment, and wiring. Class D: metallic substances such as sodium, titanium, zirconium, or magnesium.