How much money does Gaurav Taneja make?

As of 2021, his annual income is approximately Rs. 2-3 crore. He earns an additional income of 3 to 4 lakhs every month through brand endorsement. Apart from this, Gaurav has a collection of some luxury bungalows and some luxury cars, worth around 6 to 7 crores.

What does Gaurav Taneja do now?

Choosing Aviation as a career

Gaurav is a professional airline pilot who has captained narrow-body aircraft for Indigo and Air Asia India. Gaurav Taneja revived his dream of becoming a pilot after graduation. His father initially opposed his decision to become a pilot because no one in his family was a pilot.

What is the net worth of Ritu Rathee?

Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee’s net worth

37 crores. Talking about Gaurav’s wife, Ritu Rathee’s net worth. Then, according to a report in The Sports Grail, her net worth is around Rs. 1-2 crores.

Is Gaurav Taneja IIT?

Gaurav Taneja graduated from IIT Kharagpur with a civil engineering degree and went on to become a commercial pilot in 2011.

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Is Gaurav Taneja pilot license suspended?

On June 14, Taneja, tweeted that he has been suspended by AirAsia India “for standing up for safe operations of an aircraft and its passengers”. The next day, he posted a detailed video on his popular YouTube channel, called Flying Beast, titled “Reasons behind suspension from my pilot job”.

Why Gaurav Taneja left Air India?

He spoke out against the airline’s flying instructions to pilots in a video and was suspended. Taneja reportedly said that “the airline had asked its pilots to do 98 per cent of landings in ‘Flap 3’ mode, which allows it to save fuel”. In certain airports, this could prove fatal.

Why Gaurav Taneja is so famous?

With experience across various industries, Taneja’s biggest claim to fame is the hugely popular vlogs on his YouTube channel, Flying Beast, where he has more than 7.59 million subscribers. FitMuscle TV, a fitness vlog, has another 2.1 million subscribers where Taneja routinely posts videos of his inspiring workouts.

Why was Gaurav Taneja suspended from airlines?

YouTube video titled “Reasons behind suspension from my pilot job” and explained how airline was saving fuel by putting passengers lives at risk. Taneja alleged that the airline has asked its pilots to do 98 per cent of landings in “Flap 3” mode, which allows it to save fuel.

Why was Gaurav Taneja removed from AirAsia?

Ex-Air Asia pilot Capt Gaurav Taneja had flagged several safety violations by the airline on his popular Youtube channel.

Why was Gaurav suspended?

That is the Twitter bio of Gaurav Taneja, the AirAsia India pilot who was suspended by the airline. Taneja, who goes by the name of Flying Beast on social media, alleged that he was suspended for pointing out violations at the airline that had compromised safety of pilots, passengers and the aircraft.

Why did Gaurav Ritu left flying beast?

However, due to a knee injury, the Tanejas has now decided to withdraw from the show. While at first, Ritu could perform even with her knee injury, but now, as the show is progressing, seems like she’s unable to keep up.