How much money does the Friends cast make from reruns?

Friends stars earn $20 million each for the show’s rerun

The earnings of the cast members saw a significant rise with every episode.

Who is the richest in Friends cast?

Let’s read a little about them:
  • Matt Leblanc. Net Worth: $80 Million. Image Source: thegaurdian.
  • Lisa Kudrow. Net Worth: $90 Million. Image Source: abcnewsgo.
  • David Schwimmer. Net Worth: $100 Million. Image Source: aarp.
  • Courteney Cox. Net worth: $150. Image Source: stylecaster.
  • Jennifer Aniston. Net worth: $300 Million.

Does the cast of Friends still get paid?

The Main 6 On ‘Friends’ Are Still Making Millions

Here’s the kicker though: That translates into about a $20 million annual paycheck each for Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, who each make 2% of that syndication income. $20 million. Each year.

How much did the cast of Friends make in season 10?

Coincidentally, 1 million dollars each was what the cast was earning per episode by the time Season 10 of Friends ended. This was after the cast had negotiated for a pay hike, plus a percentage of the series’ profits in syndication. They, however, started 22,500 dollars per episode in the first season.

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Who was the least paid actor in Friends?

As Comedy Central reports, the unified negotiations made the biggest difference for Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey. In a documentary about Friends, LeBlanc revealed that he earned the lowest salary out of all of the main cast members.

How much did Chandler pay for Joey?

Brilliantly thoughtful Reddit user ASmileThatKills did something just and good for the world, by sitting down with a calculator to add up exactly how much sponging fledgling actor Joey did in those ten seasons. And the exact figure will shock you. Chandler lent Joey a staggering $115,000, apparently.

How much rent did Monica pay?

The show explained that their good fortune came on account of an inherited, rent-controlled lease from Monica’s grandmother that allowed the pair to pay just $200 per month in rent.

How much was Monica’s rent on Friends?

Monica’s apartment in Friends: $6,554 a month

Apparently, it was rent-controlled at $200 a month (outrageous!) because Monica’s grandmother left her the apartment. In real life today, a two-bedroom apartment in West Village just like theirs goes for an average of $6,554 a month.

Does Chandler owe Phoebe 7000 dollars?

In season one episode three, The One With The Thumb, Phoebe made a deal with Chandler: ‘If you never smoke again I’ll give you $7,000. ‘ Well, it’s 24 years later and it looks like Chandler might still owe Phoebe that cash, and possibly with a whole heap of interest after breaking that deal.

How much did Chandler earn?

Chandler was the steadiest earner throughout the show, thanks to his comfortable role as a IT procurement manager, and saw his paycheck rise gradually from $50,000 per year to $100,000, before it dropped sharply in the final season when he became an advertising copywriter.

What was Phoebe’s salary in Friends?

Lisa Kudrow: First Episode – $22,500 / Last Episode – $1 Million. Like the rest of the cast, Lisa Kudrow made $22,500 per episode for the entirety of season one for her work as Phoebe Buffay. As the seasons went by, fans were happy to learn more and more about the enigmatic character.

How much did Matt LeBlanc make per episode of Friends?

It will take a lot of math to figure out Matt LeBlanc’s exact earnings from Friends, but he started out with $22,500 per episode for season 1, which increased concurrently for 10 seasons, earning $1 million for the ninth and tenth seasons.