How much was Clive Sinclair worth?

Sinclair himself was estimated to a net value of over £100 million in 1983, two years after launching the first of the ZX computers.

Was Sir Clive Sinclair married?

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What did Sir Clive Sinclair invent?

Sinclair C5
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The Sinclair C5 is a small one-person battery electric recumbent tricycle, technically an “electrically assisted pedal cycle”. It was the culmination of Sir Clive Sinclair’s long-running interest in electric vehicles. Although widely described as an “electric car”, Sinclair characterised it as a “vehicle, not a car”.


What is Clive Sinclair famous for?

Sinclair invented the pocket calculator but was best known for popularising the home computer, bringing it to British high-street stores at relatively affordable prices. Many modern-day titans of the games industry got their start on one of his ZX models.

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How much memory did a Sinclair Spectrum have?

The original model has 16 KB (16×1024 bytes) of ROM and either 16 KB or 48 KB of RAM. Hardware design was by Richard Altwasser of Sinclair Research, and the outward appearance was designed by Sinclair’s industrial designer Rick Dickinson.

Did Clive Sinclair invent the pocket calculator?

Sinclair Cambridge Electronic Pocket Calculator. This was one of a series of small calculators developed by British inventor, Sir Clive Sinclair (b. 1940) in the early 1970s and the first that were designed to be small and light enough to fit in the pocket. It was sold both as a kit and fully built.

Who invented the C5?

SIR CLIVE Sinclair, the inventor of the C5 pedal-electric car and the world’s first pocket calculator, has died aged 81.

What was the first Sinclair computer?

Sinclair’s first home computer was the MK14, which was launched in kit form in June 1978. It was a long way from being a mass-market product. Its very name – MK standing for “Microcomputer Kit” – was indicative of its origins as a product developed by, and for, hobbyists.

Who invented the zx80?

Internally, the machine was designed by Jim Westwood around a Z80 central processing unit with a clock speed of 3.25 MHz, and was equipped with 1 KB of static RAM and 4 KB of read-only memory (ROM). It had no sound output.

How old was Clive Sinclair when he died?

Sinclair died at his home in London at 81. His daughter, Belinda Sinclair, told the BBC that the cause was cancer.

Why did the Sinclair fail?

The market was badly defined, there was a lack of both quantitative and qualitative market research, the safety and performance aspects of the vehicle failed to meet the manufacturer′s claims, the advertising messages were confusing, the product and price unsatisfactory and the distribution methods chosen were

What happened to Sinclair computers?

A combination of the failures of the Sinclair QL computer and the TV80 led to financial difficulties in 1985, and a year later Sinclair sold the rights to its computer products and brand name to Amstrad.