How much would Matt Damon make on Avatar?

“Avatar” went on to gross over $2 billion worldwide and become the highest-grossing movie of all time (unadjusted for inflation), which would’ve earned Damon north of $250 million. “I will go down in history,” Damon told press.

How much did James Cameron earn from Avatar?

He reportedly wound up earning $650 million over the years as a result of that deal. Though “Avatar: The Way of Water” is a very late sequel, and nearly three hours in length, early reviews are indicating that Cameron still knows his way around the movie business — perhaps better than anyone.

How much money did Avatar 2 make?

‘Avatar’ Sequel Has Earned $1.37 Billion Globally — Putting It Within Striking Distance Of Highest Grossing Films Of All Time.

How much did Sigourney Weaver make for aliens?

How much did Sigourney Weaver make for Alien? Sigourney Weaver was reportedly only paid $35,000 to star as Ellen Ripley in 1979’s Alien. This is most likely due to the film’s $10 million budget (relatively small for a sci-fi action film) and her unknown status at the time.

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Did Disney buy the rights to Alien?

But with the Alien franchise now officially under the Disney umbrella as a part of the Disney/Fox merger that was completed in 2019, the parks could now at any point reintroduce the idea of an Alien attraction — and given the ever-evolving nature of the parks, it could become a real possibility down the line.

How much is Jason Statham paid per movie?

He gets paid around $20 million to $25 million per movie. His movies have generated over $1.5 billion in ticket sales, making him one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars so far.

How much money did Aliens 1986 make?

The film received several awards and nominations, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for Weaver at a time when the science-fiction genre was generally overlooked. Aliens earned $131.1–183.3 million during its theatrical run, one of the highest-grossing films of 1986 worldwide.

How much did the original Alien make?

Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’, released in 1979, generated 104.93 million U.S. dollars in global box office revenue, an impressive feat given that the movie cost just eleven million dollars to produce. By comparison, ‘Alien’ prequel ‘Prometheus’ had a production budget over 130 million.

How much is Meryl Streep paid per movie?

These days, Streep can rake in $20 million for a single movie or $10 million if the film includes backend profits.

How much money does Viola Davis make?

Viola Davis is an American actress who has a net worth of $25 million. Although Davis began her career as a successful theater actress, she later transitioned towards film and television.

Who is the richest actor in the world?

Who is the Richest Actor in the World?

1. Jerry Seinfeld

  • Net Worth- $950 million.
  • Date of Birth- 29th April 1954.
  • Age- 67 Years.
  • Awards- Shorty Award for Best Web Series, Honorary Clio Award, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, and many more.
  • Best Movies- It Could Happen to You, The Hangover, Dumb and Dumber, and many more.

How much does Lupita Nyong o earn per movie?

As per ShowBiz Galore, the member who is earning the most is Lupita Nyong’o, aka Nakia, who is taking home a whopping $2 million. It is a lot more than what Chadwick Boseman made ($500,000) in his appearance in the 2018 original.