How old is Adrian Mutu?

43 years (January 8, 1979)
Adrian Mutu / Age

Did Mutu pay fine?

Former Chelsea striker Adrian Mutu has lost his latest appeal against a ruling that he must pay the club £15.2m in compensation after a failed drugs test. Mutu, 39, was sacked by Chelsea in 2004 after testing for positive for cocaine and given a seven-month ban.

How many goals did Mutu score for Chelsea?

Stats by club
ACF Fiorentina 143 27
Hellas Verona 63 5
Juventus FC 46 8
Chelsea FC 38 6

Who defeated Chelsea most?

The side has lost more league games to Liverpool than to any other club, having been defeated by them 70 times in 156 encounters.

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Who is Chelsea best midfielder of all time?

#1 ‘Super Frank’ – Frank Lampard

He made 648 appearances for the club, scoring 211 goals and providing 149 assists. To achieve such numbers as a central midfielder is unheard of.

Who defeated Chelsea 5 0?

Chelsea 5-0 Manchester United, October 1999

Sir Alex Ferguson’s side recovered from the heavy defeat to lift the Premier League trophy in May, while Chelsea claimed the FA Cup after a 1-0 win over Aston Villa at Wembley.

Has Chelsea beaten Man U?

The Soccer Teams Manchester United and Chelsea played 31 Games up to today. Among them, Manchester United won 8 games ( 4 at Old Trafford, 4 at Stamford Bridge away), Chelsea won 16 (9 at Stamford Bridge, 7 at Old Trafford away), and drew 7 (1 at Old Trafford, 6 at Stamford Bridge).

When did Chelsea beat Man U 6 0?

Chelsea 6-0 Manchester City – Premier League – October 27, 2007 – Match Guide, Data Analysis, Standings – Football – Sports Mole.

Does Adrian Mutu still owe Chelsea money?

The 39-year-old still owes the club €17m in damages. He’s unlikely to ever be able to pay it, but it’s the principle that counts.

Who is the richest among Chelsea bidders?

The richest man supposedly bidding for Chelsea has recently been named as Ken Griffin. Hedge funds are the game of Mr Griffin; a man apparently worth up to three times more than Mr Abramovich. Although, the Florida-born 53-year-old is part of the Ricketts bid which many supporters oppose.

How much does Chelsea owe Roman?

Chelsea’s £1.6bn Abramovich debt becoming a concern as Boehly tries to finalise takeover of club. Chelsea’s £1.6 billion debt to sanctioned owner Roman Abramovich is becoming a concern as Todd Boehly’s consortium attempts to finalise a deal to acquire the club this week.

Who owns Chelsea debt?

Bank of America and JPMorgan are among the banks said to be involved with the financing. The financing arrangements consist of a roughly UK£300 million (US$359 million) revolving credit facility and a UK£500 million (US$598 million) term loan.