How old is Adrienne Norris?

69 years (October 18, 1953)
Adrienne Banfield-Norris / Age

What is Will Smith’s net worth?

Will Smith net worth is around $350 Million in 2022 as he earned all this money from his movies and few brand endorsements and from other sources.

How much is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett worth?

He met Jada on the set of Fresh Prince of Bel Air all those years ago when she was auditioning for one of the roles in the show! Will Smith’s net worth is $350 million, and fellow actor and partner Jada’s net worth is $20 million. This gives the couple a healthy combined net worth of $370 million!

How much is Will Smith daughter worth?

Willow Smith Net Worth
Net Worth: $6 Million
Date of Birth Oct 31, 2000 (22 years old)
Place of Birth Los Angeles
Gender Female
Height 4 ft 11 in (1.52 m)

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How much is Queen Latifah worth?

With a resume chock full of studio albums, television shows, movies and celebrity spokesperson gigs, Queen Latifah has amassed an estimated net worth of $70 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What is Jaden Pinkett worth?

Jaden Smith’s net worth

According to Celebrity Networth, Jaden Smith has a total net worth of $8 million.

What is Amber Heard’s net worth now?

Amber Heard’s Net Worth is $6 million, she has increased her wealth via her successful acting career.

How much money is Nick Cannon worth?

Nick started off his career in 1998, he played different roles as an actor and comedian, and host of TV shows. Nick Cannon’s Net Worth is around 20 million dollars. The rapper is going in the news as he is going to welcome the 12th baby soon.

How much is Nicki Minaj worth?

Nicki Minaj Net Worth 2022: Nicki Minaj is a famous rapper, actress, singer, songwriter, and model from Trinidad and Tobago. As of this year, Nicki Minaj’s net worth is $130 Million USD. The rapper’s debut album ‘Pink Friday’ was released on November 2010.

Who is the richest in the Smith family?

  • Will Smith: US$350-375 million.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith: US$50 million.
  • Jaden Smith: US$8 million.
  • Willow Smith: US$6 million.
  • Sheree Zampino: US$6 million.
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  • Trey Smith: US$2 million.

How much did Will Smith make from Prince of Bel Air?

Smith made $2.8 million for the first three seasons of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, but he hardly saw a dime of it because he owed money in back taxes from his rap career.

Is Maggie Smith rich?

Dame Maggie Smith enjoys a reported net worth of US$18 million, thanks to her six-decade career.