How old is AJ Raval now?

22 years (September 3, 2000)
AJ Raval / Age

Who is AJ Raval father?

Jeric Raval
AJ Raval / Father

How old is Jeric Raval?

47 years (September 30, 1975)
Jeric Raval / Age

What is AJ Raval famous for?

AJ Raval is a Filipino actor, model and social media influencer. Jump to movie list. AJ Raval is single at the moment although she admitted that her Nerissa co-star Aljur Abrenica is courting her and she feels something special with him.

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Who is Jeric Raval wife now?

Jeric Raval/Wife

Who are Jeric Raval kids?

Jeric Raval/Children

What is the real name of Jeric Raval?

Ricardo Buensuceso
Jeric Raval / Full name

How tall is Aljur Abrenica?

1.73 m
Aljur Abrenica / Height

Who is the daughter of Jeric Raval?

Jeric Raval/Daughters

Where is Jeric Raval from?

San Fernando, Philippines
Jeric Raval / Place of birth

Who is AJ Raval’s mother?

AJ Raval’s mother, Alyssa Alvarez, appears to be standing up for her daughter amid pregnancy rumors hounding her, as she made a cryptic post that talked about living in peace.

Who is AJ Raval parents?

AJ Raval/Parents