How old is Alan Kreshesky?

62 years (October 19, 1960)
Alan Krashesky / Age

What nationality is Krashesky?

Alan Krashesky / Nationality

Who is Cheryl Burton married to?

Jim Rose
Cheryl Burton / Spouse (m. 1986–1995)

Jim Rose is an American sports anchor. Rose currently works for ABC 7 Chicago, the ABC affiliate in Chicago, Illinois; joining the station in January 1982. Prior to working at WLS-TV, Rose worked for WIXT-TV in Syracuse, New York.


How old is Cheryl Burton?

59 years (December 25, 1962)
Cheryl Burton / Age

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How old is Jim Rose ABC?

69 years (July 5, 1953)
Jim Rose / Age

How old is Terrell Brown?

35 years (May 8, 1987)
Terrell Brown / Age

How long has Cheryl Burton been on Channel 7 News?

She joined ABC 7, the most watched station in Chicago, in 1992 as a weekend co-anchor and reporter. Burton’s reporting has taken her to the heart of Chicago neighborhoods, across the United States, and around the globe.

What is Cheryl Burton nationality?

Cheryl Burton / Nationality

Is Rob Elgas married?

Born in Arlington Heights and raised in Crystal Lake, Elgas now lives in the southwest suburbs with his wife and two children.

Who is Jim Rose wife?

Jim Rose/Wife

What is Hosea Sanders doing now?

Sanders provides entertainment coverage for ABC 7 Chicago and other ABC owned-and-operated stations across the country. He also presents the “Chicago Proud” series of stories which give voice to everyday Chicago area heroes.

Who is the CEO of Wis International?

Jim Rose – Chief Executive Officer – WIS International | LinkedIn.