How old is Alex Burriss?

32 years (March 28, 1990)
Alex Wassabi / Age

How old is Aaron Barris?

33 years (February 4, 1989)
Aaron Burriss / Age

What does Aaron Burriss do for a living?

Aaron Burriss / Profession

A YouTuber is an online personality and/or influencer who produces videos on the video-sharing platform YouTube, typically posting to their personal YouTube channel. The term was first used in the English language in 2006.


Who is Aaron Burriss wife?

Veronica Jo Merrell-Burriss
Aaron Burriss / Wife (m. 2021)

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Is Aaron Burriss a Filipino?

Aaron Burriss (formerly known as Lazyron Studios) is an Filipino-American YouTuber who is known for his wide variety of vlogs on his YouTube channel.

Did Aaron Burris go to college?

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Aaron Burriss / College

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is a public research university in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Is Aaron Burriss engaged?

All about YouTuber Veronica Merrell’s husband as couple get married. Veronica Merrell and Aaron Burriss said “I do” on December 27, 2021. The couple have been dating for over four years while keeping their relationship under wraps.

Who is Veronica Merrell married to?

Personal lives

On December 27, 2021, Veronica married YouTuber Aaron Burriss. On September 7, 2022, Vanessa announced her engagement to musician John Vaughn.

When did Aaron Burriss get married?

December 27, 2021 (Veronica Jo Merrell-Burriss)
Aaron Burriss / Wedding date

What is the age difference between Veronica and Aaron?

The couple has an age gap of seven years.

Is Vanessa dating Aaron?

Veronica is dating YouTuber Aaron Burriss, but it seems like Vanessa is living that single life.

Is Ronron real?

Ron-Ron, born LaRon Robinson, was raised on G-funk, but came of age during the heyday of L.A.’s dance-based jerkin’ movement, the Bay Area’s animated hyphy movement, and the rise of YG and DJ Mustard’s uptempo turf sound.