How old is Andrea Boehlke?

33 years (May 10, 1989)
Andrea Boehlke / Age

What is Andrea Boehlke doing now?

Andrea is currently the host of People in 10, bringing you entertainment news and celebrity interviews for

How many times was Andrea Boehlke Survivor?

Although she was an actress first, Andrea has also found much success with hosting. After competing on the hit CBS Show Survivor three times, she has worked as a host for MTV, CBS Local Sports, HLN and the celebrity based morning show People Now on

When was Andrea Boehlke Survivor?

Survivor: Redemption Island (2011) – 5th place, 16th out – 8th juror. Longevity totals: In-game – 34 days; Redemption Island – 3 days. Voted out in Episode 12, “You Mangled My Nets” (Day 32).

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Who is the oldest female Survivor winner?

Denise Stapley

Where is Andrea Boehlke from?

Host, PeopleTV

Andrea Boehlke is a Wisconsin-born, NYC-based entertainment host and actress. Holding a BFA in Acting from UW-Stevens Point, Andrea is currently the co-host of People Now, bringing you entertainment news and celebrity interviews for People Magazine.

Was Andrea Boehlke on Survivor?

Andrea competed on Survivor: Redemption Island as a part of the Ometepe tribe. She stuck with her tribe throughout the game after the blindside of her ally Matt Elrod and was initially eliminated in 6th place. She then returned to the game via Redemption Island, but was eliminated again immediately in 5th place.

How many seasons was Andrea on Survivor?

Now, Andrea looks back at the good, the bad, and the ugly of her three seasons in the Survivor circus — sharing a hilarious story along the way that never made its way to TV.

Who Won Survivor season 41 Episode 13?

Survivor 41
Winner Erika Casupanan
Runner-up Deshawn Radden
Location Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Country of origin United States

Who is the youngest female Survivor winner?

Jenna Morasca has experienced both the highs and lows of Survivor. At just 21 years old, she became the show’s youngest winner ever (and remains the youngest female winner ever) when she was crowned the champion of Survivor: The Amazon.

Has a black person ever won Survivor?

Towery was the first African American contestant to win Survivor, succeeded by Earl Cole of Survivor: Fiji, Jeremy Collins of Survivor: Cambodia, Wendell Holland of Survivor: Ghost Island and Maryanne Oketch of Survivor 42.

Who got pregnant during Survivor?

The couple were about to start IVF before he left for Survivor, but during one of the initial tests, doctors discovered Saige had a “big” cyst on an ovary. Josh breaks down as the news sinks in. “Later on in the letter, Saige revealed that it turned out she had in fact been pregnant during those initial tests.