How old is Andy the Persian singer?

64 years (April 22, 1958)
Andranik Madadian / Age

Is Andy Armenian?

the Iranian-Armenian American musician has toured extensively around the globe many times over playing some of the world’s most prestigious venues, theatres, and stadiums and has sold millions of albums in the process.

What country is the name Andy from?

“Andrew” is frequently shortened to “Andy” or “Drew”. The word is derived from the Greek: Ἀνδρέας, Andreas, itself related to Ancient Greek: ἀνήρ/ἀνδρός aner/andros, “man” (as opposed to “woman”), thus meaning “manly” and, as consequence, “brave”, “strong”, “courageous”, and “warrior”.

Is Andy Black religious?

1. Andy Biersack grew up in Roman Catholic family but it didn’t make him a religious person. 2. You know Andy as a black-haired guy, so it came as no surprise when he chose a moniker Andy Black for his solo path.

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What ethnicity is Andy Allo?

Andy Allo (born 13 January 1989) is a Cameroonian-American singer-songwriter, guitarist and actress.

What ethnicity is Andy Grammer?

Andrew Charles Grammer was born in Los Angeles, the son of Kathryn Willoughby and recording artist Robert Crane “Red” Grammer. He is of German and English descent.

Is Andy a Hispanic name?

Andy is also occasionally used as a diminutive for the female given name Andrea in the English, German, Scandinavian and Spanish feminine version of the name Andrew (although Andrea is a masculine name in Italian).

Andy (given name)

Gender Unisex
Language(s) English
Language(s) English
Other names

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What is Andy Kim’s heritage?

He recorded as “Andy Kim”, using the different last name as a way to obscure his Lebanese ethnicity, though on his earliest releases he used the name “Youakim” in the writing credits.

What does Andy Kim do for a living?

Andrew Kim (born July 12, 1982) is an American politician and former diplomat serving as the U.S. representative from New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district. The district encompasses Philadelphia’s eastern suburbs along southern and central New Jersey.

Where did Andy Kim go to college?

Andy Kim/College

Did Andy Kim sing Be My Baby?

1970 – Andy Kim released a version of the song as a single. In the U.S., his version spent 11 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching No. 17, and No.

What is the song Andy sings in the office?

Andy bids farewell to his coworkers with an unexpectedly moving rendition of “I Will Remember You“, prompting them to comment to the documentary crew that he may have star potential after all.