How old is Angelique Boyer?

34 years (July 4, 1988)
Angelique Boyer / Age

Is Angelique Mexican?

Born in France from Mexican parents she relocated to Mexico along with her family when she was very young, where she would grow with a passion for entertainment. She started her acting career by playing secondary roles in Telenovelas like Rebelde and Corazón salvaje.

Who is Sebastián Rulli ex wife?

Cecilia Galliano
Sebastián Rulli / Ex-spouse

Cecilia Beatriz Galliano is an Argentine actress, model and television presenter who has developed most of her career in Mexico.


How tall is Angelique Boyer?

1.66 m
Angelique Boyer / Height

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How old was Angelique Boyer in Rebelde?

34 years (July 4, 1988)
Angelique Boyer / Age

How tall is Anahi?

1.63 m
Anahí / Height

How tall is Sebastian Rulli?

1.87 m
Sebastián Rulli / Height

Does Sebastián Rulli have a child?

Santiago Rulli Galliano
Sebastián Rulli / Children

Why is Angelique Boyer famous?

Angelique Boyer was born on 4 July 1988 in Jura, France. She is an actress, known for J-ok’el (2007), The Three Sides of Ana (2016) and Amar a muerte (2018).

Who is Angelique Boyer father?

Patrick Boyer
Angelique Boyer / Father

Where is the Boyer family from?

Origins and statistics

Boyer is found traditionally along the Mediterranean (Provence, Languedoc), the Rhône valley, Auvergne, Limousin, Périgord and more generally in the Southwest of France.

What did Anise Boyer do?

Anise Margaret Boyer (1914–2008) was an American dancer and actress known for her work during the Harlem Renaissance. She joined the Cotton Club chorus line when she was a teenager and starred in the 1932 film Harlem is Heaven. She also danced in the duo Anise and Aland, travelling extensively with Cab Calloway’s band.