How old is Angus Cloud in Euphoria?

24 years (10 July 1998)
Angus Cloud / Age

How old is Fezco suppose to be?

According to the aforementioned “Pilot” script, Ashtray is 14 years old. In “Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door”, Marie describes Fezco as a 10 year old. The oldest age Ashtray can be when he meets Fezco is 2, and if Fezco is still 10 at this time, their ages do not sync up the way they should in 2018.

Does Angus Cloud have a gf?

Who is Angus Cloud’s rumored girlfriend, Sydney Martin? Martin is an actress and model who had a minor role in Euphoria.

What’s Angus Cloud birthday?

10 July 1998 (age 24 years)
Angus Cloud / Date of birth

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Will there be a season 3 of Euphoria?

#EUPHORIA has been renewed for season 3. Details about season 3 are largely unknown, though its likely that Zendaya and Schafer will return, along with cast members Jacob Elordi, Alexa Demie, Sydney Sweeney, Maude Apatow, Angus Cloud, Storm Reid, and Colman Domingo.

Why do Angus clouds talk like that?

‘Euphoria’ Star Angus Cloud Addresses Why His Speech Is A ‘Little Bit Slower,’ Actor Reveals He Broke His Skull After Falling Into A Pit In 2013. Euphoria actor, Angus Cloud revealed that he had a near death experience back in 2013!

How old is Barbie in Euphoria?

25 years (14 December 1996)
Barbie Ferreira / Age

How tall is ashtray in Euphoria?

He is 5 feet 2 inch tall, according to the website His weight is around 51 kilograms. In Euphoria, Walton is the youngest character compared to the rest of the cast, which all are in high school.

How old is Lexi in Euphoria?

Her character, Lexi Howard, is around the age of 17-18 in Euphoria while Apatow is 24-years-old in real-life. The actress was born in 1997, which means she will be turning 25 years of age by the end of 2022.

How old is Hunter from Euphoria?

23 years (31 December 1998)
Hunter Schafer / Age

Is Maddy a senior in Euphoria?

Maddy Perez, portrayed by Alexa Demie, is an 18-year-old senior in a toxic, on-and-off relationship with Nate Jacobs and is best friends with Cassie Howard.

How tall is Jules Euphoria?

Hunter Schafer plays Jules in Euphoria. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall.