How old is Aryana sayed?

37 years (14 July 1985)
Aryana Sayeed / Age

Is Aryana Sayeed Shia or Sunni?

Aryana Sayeed Height, Weight, Age, Boyfriend, Biography & More
Educational Qualification Graduate
Debut Singles: Bia Bia (2007)
Family Not Known
Religion Islam

Who is the most famous singer in Afghanistan?

Ahmad Zahir (Dari/Pashto: احمد ظاهر; 14 June 1946 – 14 June 1979) was an Afghan singer, songwriter and composer. Dubbed the “Elvis of Afghanistan”, he is widely considered the all-time greatest singer of Afghanistan.

Ahmad Zahir.

Ahmad Zahir احمد ظاهر
Website Ahmad Zahir’s Songs
Parents Abdul Zahir (father) Quraisha (mother)

Where is Aryana Saeed from?

Sayeed was born in 1985 in Bamyan, Afghanistan. She left Afghanistan with her parents when she was 8 years old and lived in Peshawar, Pakistan before briefly settling in Switzerland and then in London, England.

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Is Bilal Saeed still married?

Bilal Saeed ( born 12 December 1988) is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, music producer and composer. He is best known for his singles “12 Saal” , “Adhi Adhi raat ” and ‘Teri khair mangdi” .

Bilal Saeed.

Muhammad Bilal Saeed Jijuban
Spouse Gia Bilal ​ ( m. 2009)​
Children Ahad Bilal
Awards See below
Musical career

How old is Farhad Darya?

60 years (22 September 1962)
Farhad Darya / Age

Where is Saeed Renaud now?

What is This Singer Up to In 2022? Renaud is now apart of the Grammy and BMI Award winning songwriter duo Tha Authors featuring him and Fields Blanchard.

Is Farhan Saeed Shia or Sunni?

Farhan Saeed
Title Description
Nationality: Pakistan
Residence: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Education: Crescent High School
Religion: Islam

Who is Aryana Sayeed married to?

Hasib Saed
Aryana Sayeed / Spouse

How old is Farhad Darya?

60 years (22 September 1962)
Farhad Darya / Age

Where does Qais Ulfat live?

Qais Ulfat, the son of Ustad Ulfat Ahang was born in Kabul into a family of musicians. Following the incidences which occurred in Afghanistan, he moved with his family to New Delhi.

What country does Qais Ahmad play for?

In September 2021, he was named in Afghanistan’s squad for the 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. In January 2022, he was named in Afghanistan’s ODI squad for their series against the Netherlands in Qatar. He made his ODI debut on 25 January 2022, for Afghanistan against the Netherlands.