How old is Beck now from Victorious?

Avan Jogia
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Born: February 9th, 1992
Character: Beck Oliver

How old is Jade in Victorious?

Jade West is one of the eight main characters and is one of the four main characters to appear in every episode in the Nickelodeon TV show Victorious.

Jade West
Age: 16-17

Are Beck and Jade married?

According to recent social media posts by Liz Gillies and Avan Jogia, Beck and Jade are now married and living in Beck’s trailer, owing to their inability to afford a house, with a child of their own.

When was Beck Oliver born?

His birthday is March 31st, 1993. Beck loves hot sauce. Beck is from Canada, like Avan Jogia.

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Did Cat and Beck date?

Cat and Beck are not seen together very much but are known to be good friends. Bat fans find that they have a “brother and sister”-like relationship. Beck seems to be amused by and play along with Cat’s eccentric and immature antics, and he tries not to hurt her feelings.

How old is Cat Valentine?

age 16-17

Where was Beck Oliver born?

Beck is a fan of the band Care Bears on Fire, as there is a poster close to the door of his RV in Jade Dumps Beck. According to Jade from Beggin’ On Your Knees, he was born in Canada.

Where was Guinevere Beck born?

Lail starred as Guinevere Beck in the psychological thriller series You (2018–2019), and as Jenny Banks in the NBC drama series Ordinary Joe (2021–2022).

Elizabeth Lail
Born March 25, 1992 Williamson County, Texas, U.S.
Education University of North Carolina School of the Arts (BFA)
Occupation Actress

What year is Beck set in?

Beck Season One 1997-1998. We are introduced to the Murder Squad: Martin Beck (Peter Haber), Gunvald Larsson (Mikael Persbrandt), departmental cyber expert Lena Klingstrom (Stina Rautelin) and finally Joakim Wersen (Per Morberg), the annoying chief whose fast-track style hinders rather than helps their investigations.

Why is Beck not in season 2 of Victorious?

Trivia. Beck is absent in this episode because Avan Jogia was in Canada while the episode was being filmed. On, Beck said that he was going to be in Canada, and Jade mentions in the episode that Beck was in Canada. This is the second time a character has been away twice in a row.

Did Beck and Tori kiss?

Beck and Tori kiss at the end of the episode. Beck calls Tori sweet while she tries to get the stain out of his shirt but points out that she was probably making it worse.

Did Beck lie about her dad?

Beck’s spot then gets blown up when the Captain strolls right up to her and introduces himself as her dad, because clearly he did not get the memo that he’s supposed to be playing dead. Beck explains her lie and Joe forgives and everybody goes to dinner in Great Expectations cosplay.