How old is Bruce Willis’s wife Emma?

The 44-year-old wife of Bruce Willis took to Instagram on Wednesday in honor of National Grief Awareness Day to share some of the ways she’s tackling her grief in the wake of Bruce’s aphasia diagnosis.

What age is Emma Heming?

44 years (June 18, 1978)
Emma Heming Willis / Age

Are Bruce Willis and Emma Heming still married?

Willis and Heming Willis tied the knot 2009, and have been giving us glimpses of their love story ever since. In addition to supporting each other at various events, the couple also has two children together, Mabel Ray, born in April 2012, and Evelyn Penn, born in May 2014.

How did Bruce meet Emma?

Happy family! Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming’s life is full of bliss, love and lots of laughs — and they have the photos to prove it. The Die Hard actor and Malta-born model met in 2007 at a mutual trainer’s gym. They tied the knot two years later at their home in Turks and Caicos in March 2009.

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What illness does Bruce have?

About 180,000 Americans are diagnosed with aphasia each year, but it took a movie star to bring the condition into the spotlight. Last week, the family of Bruce Willis revealed he had the language disorder, which can affect a person’s ability to speak, listen, read and write.

Does Bruce Willis have dementia?

Bruce Willis has stepped away from acting after a diagnosis of aphasia — a form of cognitive impairment sometimes caused by frontotemporal dementia.

Who was Bruce Willis’s first wife?

Demi Moore

How did Bruce Willis meet Demi Moore?

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore met at a premiere party in 1987 for Stakeout. They were with different people but Bruce did ask Demi for a drink together, which set the tone.

Who is Emma Heming mother?

Zorina Heming
Emma Heming Willis / Mother

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Considering the fact that Ashton Kutcher has a reported net worth of $200 million in 2022, he is not yet a billionaire.

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