How old is Cara Maria Sorbello?

36 years (May 12, 1986)
Cara Maria Sorbello / Age

When was Cara Maria born?

Cara Maria Sorbello was born on 12 May 1986. She is an actress, known for Peek-A-Boo, Welcome to Hope (2021) and Hearts & Vines (2021).

Where is Cara Maria from?

Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States
Cara Maria Sorbello / Place of birth

Lawrence is a city located in Essex County, Massachusetts, United States, on the Merrimack River. At the 2020 census, the city had a population of 89,143. Surrounding communities include Methuen to the north, Andover to the southwest, and North Andover to the east.


Where is Cara Marie now?

Right now, I am focusing on my photography and events company.” While competing in various seasons, Cara Maria won more than $600,000. She also found love with co-star Paulie Calafiore while filming The Challenge: Final Reckoning in 2018.Jul 29, 2564 BE

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Did Cara Maria retired?

“In short: I am not retiring,” she continued. “The post was sparked from visiting home and reading old diaries from the beginning of my Challenge journey. I was reminiscing and my heart was heavy over the loss of my Garnett.Jul 28, 2564 BE

Is Cara Maria in a relationship?

Cara Maria and Paulie Calafiore

Despite a rocky start, Sorbello and Calafiore couldn’t deny the sparks after meeting in 2018 on Final Reckoning. After a brief split, they got back together in 2019 and moved in together in Montana.Aug 29, 2565 BE

How much money has Cara Maria made?

Cara Maria Sorbello – $602,250.Jan 9, 2565 BE

Are Cara Maria and Jamie related?

Jamie Banks is a Bloodline contestant and Cara Maria Sorbello’s cousin.

How much money has Cara Maria won?

Cara Maria Sorbello – $602,250

She has competed in a total of fourteen challenges, winning two.Jan 10, 2565 BE

How much does Cara Maria make?

So, how much money has Cara Maria won over the years? While she hasn’t quite hit $1 million, she still brought home plenty. According to NovaRogue on Medium, the competitor brought home $602,250. As for how Cara accrued her winnings over the years, she initially won $20,000 on Cutthroat, her second season.Jul 29, 2564 BE

Who is the richest person on The Challenge?

The Top 10 Earners would be
  • Johnny Bananas — $1,047,220.
  • Jordan Wisely — $833,000.
  • Turbo Camkiran — $750,000.
  • Ashley Mitchell — $621,250.
  • Cara Maria Sorbello — $602,250.
  • Camila Nakagawa — $561,250.
  • CT Tamburello — $514,750.

How tall is Cara Maria?

1.65 m
Cara Maria Sorbello / Height